Why Is Chelsea Tottenham Postponed

why is chelsea tottenham postponed
why is chelsea tottenham postponed

The highly anticipated Premier League clash between Chelsea and Tottenham scheduled for next month has been postponed. This decision comes after Chelsea’s advancement to the Carabao Cup final, which took place on Tuesday evening. As a result, a new date will need to be found for this London derby at Stamford Bridge on Friday, February 23.

Chelsea’s Carabao Cup Triumph

In the second leg of their semi-final showdown against Championship side Middlesbrough, Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea ensured there was no cup upset by defeating Boro 6-1. The game was effectively over in the first half as Chelsea raced into a commanding 4-0 lead. This victory has earned them a place in the Carabao Cup final, where they will face either Liverpool or Fulham on Sunday, February 25.

Rescheduling the Game

Both sets of fans are eagerly awaiting the rescheduled date for the Chelsea-Tottenham clash in SW6 later in the season. As both clubs have not qualified for European competitions this term, their calendars are relatively clear. However, it is important to note that past scheduling practices have avoided simultaneous Premier League and European fixtures.

UEFA prefers to have all eyes on their competitions rather than splitting viewership with Premier League matches. Therefore, there have been few instances where both events took place on the same night in previous years. However, there have been exceptions, such as the game between Arsenal and Manchester City last February, which occurred on the same night as Champions League matches.

Possible Dates for Rescheduling

If the postponed Chelsea-Tottenham game does not coincide with a European night, several options are available in February, March, and April. The European rounds are fixed for the weeks commencing Monday, February 12 and 19, as well as Monday, March 4 and 11. In April, the quarter-finals are scheduled for the weeks commencing Monday, April 8 and 15, followed by the semi-finals in the week of Monday, April 29 and May 6.

If the game is not held on a European night, the available dates become limited. One possibility could be the week commencing Monday, February 28, when the fifth round of the FA Cup is scheduled. However, this depends on the outcomes of the fourth-round matches between Manchester City and Tottenham and Chelsea and Aston Villa, which are taking place this Friday.

The only clear dates in the calendar that do not clash with European or FA Cup football at present are the weeks commencing Monday, April 22 and Monday, May 13. It is worth noting that rearranging the game for the free week in April would present a challenging scenario for Tottenham, as it falls between Premier League clashes against Manchester City and Arsenal.


Q: Why was the Chelsea-Tottenham game postponed?
A: The game was postponed because Chelsea advanced to the Carabao Cup final, which coincided with the original scheduled date.

Q: When will the Chelsea-Tottenham game be rescheduled?
A: The exact rescheduling date is yet to be determined, but possible options include February, March, and April.

Q: Are there any restrictions on scheduling Premier League matches on the same night as European fixtures?
A: UEFA generally prefers to avoid scheduling conflicts with Premier League matches to prioritize viewership for their competitions. However, there have been exceptions in the past.


The Chelsea-Tottenham Premier League clash has been postponed due to Chelsea’s advancement to the Carabao Cup final. Fans of both clubs eagerly await the announcement of the rescheduled date. Possible options for rescheduling are being considered, taking into account UEFA’s preferences and the availability of non-conflicting dates. Stay tuned for further updates on this highly anticipated fixture.

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