Why do dog lick other dogs ears


In case you’re a pet proprietor, you’ve undoubtedly observed quite a few quirky behaviors in the one you love pets. For dog homeowners, considered one of these is licking one other dog’s ears. Why do dogs lick every other’s ears?

Ear licking appears to haven’t any good rationalization at first look — it’s arduous to think about why they may very well be doing this — however your pooch is likely to be responding to ancestral urges or perhaps they’d identical to a bit of snack!

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There are literally quite a lot of explanation why dogs lick others’ ears, so let’s check out this odd facet of dog conduct.

Why Does My Dog Lick Other Dogs’ Ears?

The factor it’s important to perceive about dog breeds is that their ancestors have been pack animals. Actually, they see us as other members of their pack.

Like every good pack member, communication is essential, and on your pooch, meaning barking and licking, amongst other behaviors. Licking is one thing that pack members use to say, “Hey, I’m here!” It’s actually an important a part of dwelling in a dog pack.

After all, it’s been a very long time since dogs have been wild pack members, however genetically, they nonetheless are, so licking remains to be an vital approach for them to speak. Your furry pal licks you as an indication of affection, and that is conduct they realized as a pet.

Mom dogs lick their infants to groom them and present her motherly love. The puppies choose up on this from grownup dogs early in life, and so they proceed the conduct as a part of speaking with other pack members. It’s typically the submissive dog who’s licking the dominant dog’s ears and you may inform which is which by watching their physique language.

Submissive dogs typically hold their tail down once they method a dominant dog, and they’ll do that form of tacky submissive grin. They could additionally lie down and expose their stomach to the dominant dog as a approach of claiming, “I recognize you’re the boss.”

Apart from submission, it’s additionally a approach on your dog to say I like you and I respect you and soothe his anxiousness. In response to the veterinary consultants at PetKeen, there are, nevertheless, some other attainable widespread causes that dogs lick other dogs’ ears. Let’s discover a few of these since they’ll point out a medical situation within the lick receiver’s ears.

It’s a Grooming Method

Your pleasant pooch could just like the other dog and wish to present that by grooming them. They lick themselves as a part of a grooming routine, however they’ll’t attain their very own ears, so that is how other dogs will help them out.

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When two dogs are on pleasant phrases as a part of the identical household, they turn out to be very snug grooming every other. Licking every other’s ears is only one solution to present that. What’s extra, it could possibly chase away ear mites, however an excessive amount of licking could cause irritation and presumably an ear an infection.

They Need a Little Snack 🤢 (Yuck, I do know, however…)

I do know, I do know, it’s gross, however dog homeowners know that dogs are generally into gross issues. There’s nothing like a bit of style of ear wax to make your day!

Ear wax is outwardly salty, and lots of dogs love salty stuff. So they may generally seize a bit of ear wax in the event that they’re peckish. Now, everybody loves a bit of snack each every so often, however like something, earwax consumption needs to be carried out moderately.

It may drive the other dog loopy in case your dog is at all times licking their ears, however it can be irritating and might result in a medical situation. That’s why if you happen to see your dog doing this loads, you would possibly wish to put a cease to it. You would possibly think about giving your pooch an interactive toy to maintain him occupied so he received’t lick as a lot.

It Can Sign an Ear An infection

One more reason dogs would possibly lick one other dog’s ears is that they could be detecting an ear an infection. They might even detect this an infection earlier than it turns into unhealthy sufficient for the dog to indicate indicators and signs. That’s simply how good your dog’s sense of scent is.

In case you see them licking one other dog’s ears loads, you would possibly examine to see if the ears seem soiled inside or if there’s any form of discharge coming from the dog’s ears. It sounds gross, however your dog may love the style of that discharge (ew).

In case you do discover some discharge or redness, it is likely to be time to take your dog to the vet for a checkup. They will deal with it earlier than the an infection results in other issues like a hematoma of the ear flap.

This will occur when the dog begins shaking his head excessively due to the ache and irritation of an ear an infection. A hematoma is far more difficult to deal with than a easy ear an infection so it’s finest to maintain that earlier than it turns into an even bigger drawback.

Licking is Soothing

Everybody’s bought a bit of compulsive dysfunction, don’t they? Effectively, dogs can even have nervous and compulsive behaviors like licking their paws or one other dog’s ears. Extreme licking can sign that your dog is anxious.

If that is the issue, nevertheless, you’ll must do greater than merely cease the licking to alter the conduct. You’ll must direct their consideration elsewhere. That is the place an interactive toy can turn out to be useful. It may give your dog one thing else to give attention to quite than other dogs’ ears.

It’s Higher than the Butt?

Like sniffing one other dog’s butt, licking one other dog’s ears is a solution to greet other canine buddies. In case you’re a dog proprietor, you’ve undoubtedly seen the butt-sniffing conduct, however some dogs received’t enable that, and so, ear licking is an alternative choice to the rear finish. I can’t assist however assume it’s higher for the sniffer too!

Is Ear Licking Secure?

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This can be a pure query for pet homeowners to ask, however the reply will not be so clear – it’s a perhaps. It may be protected and even wholesome for the dominant dog who’s getting his ears groomed, but when your dog is an extreme licker…effectively, an excessive amount of of a very good factor and all.

It may trigger irritation which may end up in an precise ear an infection. Your dog can also be excessively licking the other dog’s ears as a result of he senses the presence of an an infection, so in that case, you have to get the dog receiving the licks checked by a vet.

How Can I Cease Extreme Licking Habits?

Licking may be your dog’s approach of telling you he’s bored or that the other dog may need a medical situation. It may additionally trigger irritation and other issues in case your dog is an extreme licker, so how are you going to cease dogs from licking every other’s ears? Listed below are just a few methods to curb this regular dog conduct.

1. Distract the Licker

As we’ve talked about, an interactive toy can work wonders to distract your dog from obsessive licking conduct. In case you do this, nevertheless, you’ll wish to give your dog the toy earlier than they begin the licking or it should work as constructive reinforcement for the conduct.

An interactive toy is best than common dog toys since your dog can simply turn out to be uninterested in them. Interactive toys typically include a deal with that your dog has to work to get. That’s what retains their curiosity.

2. Strive a Little Dog Coaching

Dog coaching is one other nice solution to hold your dog from losing interest and growing a compulsive dysfunction in consequence. It’s additionally an effective way so that you can bond together with your dog, and to make them really feel like they’ve a job to do.

Dog coaching is admittedly one thing each dog proprietor ought to do to make sure their dog is well-behaved. A bit of disclaimer right here – it doesn’t remedy each drawback and it must be carried out with love and constructive reinforcement to actually work, however it could possibly do wonders for a lot of behavioral issues.

3. Give Your Dog One thing Higher to Lick

If it appears as if your dog’s licking of other dog’s ears is to assist him self-soothe, you would possibly think about giving them one thing else to lick. You possibly can really get a lick mat that sticks on the wall.

You possibly can put some peanut butter on the mat which prevents your dog from licking all of it away shortly. It’s an effective way to present them one thing to do to assuage themselves that doesn’t create issues for other dogs.

Ultimate Ideas

Dog licking is considered one of many dog behaviors that may generally be gross however are sometimes a standard a part of being a pack member. In case your dog is compulsive about it, nevertheless, it could possibly trigger issues for the other dog’s ears. It could even trigger an ear an infection.

It is also an indication of a medical situation within the other dog, in order that’s an vital consideration. It may additionally sign that your dog is bored and wishes a bit of dog coaching or other interplay to remain comfortable in addition to wholesome.

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