Why Did Sutton Get Divorced

Sutton Stracke is an intriguing personality on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 who is stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing new experiences. While her fashion choices have been a hot topic of conversation, Sutton’s personal life has also piqued viewers’ interest. One burning question fans have is, “Why did Sutton get divorced?” Let’s delve deeper into this topic and uncover the reasons behind Sutton’s split from her ex-husband, Christian Stracke.

Sutton Stracke’s Children Weigh in on Her Divorce from Ex-Husband Christian Stracke

During an episode of the RHOBH After Show for Season 13, Sutton and her close friend, Garcelle Beauvais, reflected on their respective divorces. Sutton candidly shared the emotional impact her divorce had on her children. When she and Christian separated, her children’s immediate reaction was tears. Sutton shared an incident where her daughter asked if they were getting a divorce, and the following day, Christian filed for divorce. This revelation unveils a glimpse into the emotional rollercoaster the family experienced during this challenging time.

Sutton Stracke’s Reasons for Divorce

Sutton sheds light on the reasons that led to the breakdown of her marriage. She personally asked Christian to leave their home, believing it would prevent an escalation of conflicts that might have led to a tumultuous situation. Sutton hoped that separating and seeking therapy would help mend their relationship. Unfortunately, Christian’s anger towards Sutton seemed to have fueled the decision to file for divorce shortly after their separation. Sutton shares these intimate details, giving viewers a glimpse into the complex dynamics that contributed to the end of their marriage.

Sutton Stracke’s Dating Life and What She’s Looking for in a Boyfriend

As viewers follow Sutton’s journey on RHOBH Season 13, they witness her navigating the dating scene and seeking a meaningful connection. After a few one-and-done first dates, Sutton reveals what she desires in a partner. She expresses an interest in someone with a larger-than-life personality, who has a thriving life of their own. In a lighthearted moment, Sutton even jokingly mentions Elon Musk as a potential suitor. Garcelle highlights the shared desire for a partner who respects and supports their individuality while seamlessly fitting into their lives.


Q: Did Sutton and Christian Stracke inform their children about the divorce immediately after separating?
A: No, Sutton and Christian waited approximately a year before disclosing the divorce to their children.

Q: How has Sutton’s dating life been portrayed on RHOBH Season 13?
A: Viewers have witnessed Sutton going on several first dates and eagerly exploring the dating world to find a potential partner.

Q: What is Sutton looking for in a boyfriend?
A: Sutton expresses an interest in dating someone with a vibrant and fulfilling life of their own, while also accepting and embracing her unique personality.


Sutton Stracke’s divorce from her ex-husband, Christian Stracke, was a challenging and emotional journey for her and her children. The reasons behind their separation included conflicts and disagreements that ultimately led to divorce. Throughout The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, viewers have witnessed Sutton’s determination to rediscover herself and establish a meaningful connection in her dating life. As Sutton continues to embark on new experiences, we eagerly await what the future holds for her.

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