Why Did Fowler Leave Ghosts

why did fowler leave ghosts
why did fowler leave ghosts

Have you ever wondered what drives someone to leave their home and embark on a journey of self-discovery? In Shannon Leone Fowler’s memoir, “Traveling With Ghosts,” she shares her heartbreaking and inspiring story of loss, grief, and healing.

A Tragic Twist of Fate

In the summer of 2002, Shannon Leone Fowler, a marine biologist, was enjoying a vacation in Thailand with her fiancé, Sean Reilly. Their plans for a blissful future were shattered when Sean was stung by a box jellyfish and tragically died on the beach. This sudden and inexplicable loss left Shannon devastated and grappling with the profound emptiness that comes with the death of a loved one.

The Alien-ness of Loss

As Shannon navigates the aftermath of Sean’s death, she finds herself adrift in a sea of grief. She must confront the bureaucracy of foreign lands, correct the cause of Sean’s death on official documents, and bear the painful task of breaking the news to Sean’s family. Alongside her grief, Shannon also experiences the heartbreaking loss of a miscarriage, further compounding her sorrow.

Finding Solace in Travel

In an effort to heal her broken heart, Shannon embarks on a solitary journey to countries scarred by conflict. Places like Poland, Israel, and Bosnia become her refuge as she learns invaluable lessons about the power of remembrance, the importance of time and company in healing, and the transformative nature of tragedy. Through her travels, Shannon discovers that grief need not be redeemed but simply remembered and acknowledged.

Traveling With Ghosts: A Memoir of Love and Loss

Journeying Towards Healing

Shannon’s exquisite storytelling takes readers on a poignant and introspective journey. While her love for the sea remains steadfast, the loss of Sean divides her life into two distinct parts: before and after his death. Through her experiences, Shannon reminds us that sorrow is an undeniable part of life, and true serenity is often found by accepting this fact rather than searching for silver linings.


What is “Traveling With Ghosts” about?

“Traveling With Ghosts” is a memoir by Shannon Leone Fowler recounting her journey of healing and self-discovery after the sudden death of her fiancĂ©, Sean Reilly, in Thailand.

What lessons does Shannon learn through her travels?

Shannon learns the importance of remembrance, the need for time and companionship in the healing process, and the transformative nature of tragedy.

Does Shannon find peace and happiness after her loss?

While Shannon finds joy in becoming a mother and achieving professional success, the absence of Sean remains in her heart, reminding her of the profound impact his death had on her life.


“Traveling With Ghosts” is a heartfelt memoir that resonates with anyone who has experienced the untimely loss of a loved one. Shannon Leone Fowler’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, the significance of remembrance, and the healing potential of travel. To immerse yourself in Shannon’s emotional journey, consider reading “Traveling With Ghosts.”

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