Why Did Flower Leave The Show Ghosts

why did flower leave the show ghosts
why did flower leave the show ghosts

The Season 3 premiere of the hit show “Ghosts” left fans with a shocking revelation – Flower, one of the main eight ghosts, has left the ensemble. As the ghosts gathered together to mourn the loss of their friend, viewers were left wondering why Flower had been “sucked off” and what this means for the future of the show.

The Decision Behind Flower’s Departure

According to co-showrunners Joe Wiseman and Joe Port, Flower’s departure was a result of real-life circumstances. Sheila Carrasco, the actress who portrays Flower, welcomed a daughter in November 2023, right before the start of production for Season 3. Wiseman and Port saw this as an opportunity to incorporate Flower’s exit into the storyline, giving it significant ramifications for the rest of the house.

Flower Ghosts

The Future of Flower and Ghosts

Fans may be relieved to know that Flower’s departure does not necessarily mean the end of her character. In the world of “Ghosts,” where different realms intersect, there is always a possibility of seeing people again. While Flower won’t be present in the first episode of the season, Wiseman and Port hint at potential twists and turns throughout the season that could bring her back.

Exploring the Ramifications

Flower’s departure deeply affects the other ghosts, particularly Thor, her boyfriend in the show. His devastation is palpable, as their relationship blossomed in Season 2. However, the idea of ghosts being “sucked off” and moving on is a complicated topic. It is the ultimate goal for these ghosts, but it also brings about a range of conflicting emotions among the remaining characters. Some may feel happiness, jealousy, or sadness, highlighting the complexity of their existence.

Thor Ghosts


Q: Will Flower ever return to the show?
A: While Flower’s departure is significant, there is a chance we may see her again in the future. The world of “Ghosts” allows for unexpected twists and turns, so fans should stay tuned.

Q: How are the other ghosts coping with Flower’s loss?
A: Each ghost deals with Flower’s departure in their own unique way. Some may feel jealousy or sadness, while others may find happiness in her moving on. It adds a layer of complexity to their already extraordinary lives.

Q: Can the ghosts bring Flower back to this realm?
A: The show has previously established that it is possible to summon someone back, as seen in the Halloween episode of a previous season. However, whether bringing someone back is the right thing to do when they have achieved their goals is a question that the ghosts may need to address.


The departure of Flower from “Ghosts” marks a significant turning point in the show. Viewers are left to ponder the consequences of her absence and anticipate the potential twists and turns that may unfold throughout the season. As the ghosts navigate their complex emotions and continue on their otherworldly journey, the future of “Ghosts” remains as intriguing as ever.

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