Why Did Flower Leave Ghosts

why did flower leave ghosts
why did flower leave ghosts

Say it ain’t so! After her shocking exit in the Season 3 premiere, viewers just have one question on their minds: Why did Flower leave Ghosts? Well, the writers had their reason for choosing Sheila Carrasco’s character as the spirit to be “sucked off” but don’t fret, because there’s a chance the Ghosts crew will see Flower once again.

Ghosts is a sitcom following Sam and Jay Arondekar, a married New York couple who inherit a beautiful country house from Sam’s great aunt, Sophie Woodstone, that’s inhabited by ghosts who have died in the mansion and are now bound to the area until they can reach the afterlife. While Jay can’t see or hear the ghosts, Sam can after a near-death experience.

Why did Flower leave Ghosts?

Flower Ghosts

Why did Flower leave Ghosts? Flower, played by Sheila Carrasco, left Ghosts in the Season 3 premiere, “The Owl,” after it was revealed that she was the spirit who was “sucked off” into the afterlife following the Season 2 finale.

In an interview with Variety after the Season 3 premiere, executive producer Joe Port explained that the writers chose for Flower to be the spirit who leaves Ghosts because they wanted someone who would “impact” the rest of the show. “We wanted it to be somebody very consequential,” Port said. “We wanted to be someone who’d have an impact on the other ghosts and obviously on Sam and Jay to some degree.”

Fellow executive producer Joe Wiseman also told Variety that the writers didn’t know who would leave Ghosts when they wrote the Season 2 finale but chose Flower because of how her exit would affect those remaining in the mansion, especially Viking Thor, who Flower was in a relationship with. “That was a lengthy conversation,” Wiseman said. “We had definitely talked about candidates and what would be the pros and cons about various people and whatnot. Flower came out of a long conversation we had in the writers’ room. We wanted someone who was going to be impactful and who would lead to a lot of stories.”

He also teased Thor’s reaction to Flower leaving Ghosts. “Obviously, Thor has a very specific attitude about her disappearing. But in our world, getting ‘sucked off,’ it’s a little different than a death. This is the stated goal of all the ghosts. They all want to. Thor’s upset because that’s the person he loves. But there’s a lot of jealousy involved with some of the other ghosts who have been there longer. There’s a lot of curiosity about like, what was it? We hint at the fact they think getting sucked off has to do with breakthroughs or growth, but they don’t know that. It is still a very mysterious process that seems to happen randomly.”

He continued: “I once very unpopularly compared it to ‘Gilligan’s Island’ in the room where, if one of the people on ‘Gilligan’s Island’ made it off the island, you’d be happy for them. But you’d also be jealous. And you’d also be sad that they were gone. All our characters already dead. So someone getting sucked off is a complicated thing on the show.”

As for other reasons Flower left Ghosts, Port told TV Insider after the Season 3 premiere that Carrasco’s pregnancy in real life was one of the reasons for Flower’s exit. (Flower gave birth to her first child in November 2023, around the time filming started for Season 3). “That was just one factor,” Port said. “We talked about a lot of different paths.”

Port continued, “When we finished Season 2, we had this cliffhanger. We did not necessarily have in mind exactly who it was going to be at that moment. We had candidates, and there were a lot of variables. We wanted it to be somebody super impactful.” In other words, it was always going to be one of the core cast of spirits. “We didn’t want it to be just someone who would have no consequence.”

The executive producers also told Entertainment Weekly that Flower wasn’t the only spirit the writers were considering to leave Ghosts. “We had a lot of different notions, but our plan was to talk it out and see which path we wanted to follow,” Port said. “You gotta go down the path to see how fruitful it is and see what it leads to and what it does for the whole next season, so that’s what we did.”

Wiseman continued, “Flower checked a lot of boxes for a candidate. It would be believable that she got sucked off because she had some growth toward the end of season 2, and there was a lot of different reactions people could have to her disappearing. Thor [Devan Chandler Long], obviously, is going to be crushed. It’s the person he loves most in the world. And then other people are going to be jealous or be happy for her. It just seemed like it created a lot of stories for us to mine.”

Wiseman also explained how Flower’s exit isn’t the same as the death of a character on other shows. “The other ghosts are somewhat used to this, and they probably see it a little differently,” Wiseman said. “It’s not like Flower died. This is the thing that they all want, this is the thing that they’re all desperately trying to have happen. It’s not that they’re not sad, obviously when someone leaves your life, you’re sad to see the person go, even if it’s to a good thing, but it’s complicated. To Sam, it is sort of like she lost someone.”

Is Flower gone from Ghosts for good?

Ghosts CBS

Is Flower gone from Ghosts for good? Port hinted to Variety that the Season 3 premiere won’t be the last time viewers see Flower. “I think it takes some interesting turns,” Port said. “In terms of seeing ghosts going forward or not, this is the kind of show where you could see a ghost anywhere. We’ve hinted that ghosts are in heaven, they’re in hell, they’re on Earth, so I think there’s different ways to see people too.”

Port also seemed to confirm to TV Insider that Flower will be back on Ghosts in the future. “The show, as you’ve seen, deals with heaven and hell and the earthly plane, and there’s plenty of room to see somebody whether they’re at the mansion or not. So could we see her? I think it’s always a possibility, even if someone’s ‘sucked off’ or ‘went down on them.'”

The executive producers also teased the rest of Ghosts Season 3 to Variety. “We’re building toward a wedding this season,” Port said. “And as far as the restaurant arc goes, it’s been really helpful in terms of centering Utkarsh’s character [who can’t see the ghosts], because that’s one of our challenges always is how does this guy who can’t talk to 80% of the cast, get involved in stories?”

Wiseman continued, “Part of the fun is also thinking of creative ways to get ghosts. Last season we had the car ghost. We try to think of creative, fun ways to get ghosts from the outside to come in as well. Another way we did that in the past was the seance with the maid. So this year, we have another fun creative way of getting your ghosts to visit Woodstone.”

Ghosts is available to stream on Paramount Plus.


  • Q: Can I watch Ghosts on CBS?

  • A: Yes, Ghosts is available on CBS.

  • Q: Will Flower return to Ghosts in the future?

  • A: The executive producers have hinted that Flower may make a return to Ghosts in the future.


Flower’s departure from Ghosts left fans with many questions. The impact of her exit on the other characters and the potential for her return in the future adds an element of intrigue to the show. As Ghosts continues to explore the supernatural world and deliver engaging storylines, viewers can look forward to more unexpected twists and turns. Stay tuned to find out what lies ahead for the beloved cast of Ghosts.

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