Why Did Elvis Call Priscilla Satnin

Elvis Presley was known for giving pet names to the people in his life, including the women he was close to. One of these women was Priscilla Presley, his former wife. But why did he call her “Satnin”?

The Origin of “Satnin”

The nickname “Satnin” was used by Elvis for three women in his life. The first was his mother, Gladys Presley. The second was June Juanico, a girlfriend from Biloxi, Mississippi. And the third was Priscilla Presley, whom he later married.

The exact origin of the term “Satnin” is disputed. According to Elvis’ cousin, Billy Smith, it was a name used to describe something fattening. Elvis would pat his aunt Gladys’ stomach and say, “Baby’s going to bring you something to eat, Satnin.” However, June Juanico, in her book “Elvis: In the Twilight of Memory,” claimed that Elvis called her “My beautiful little Satnin” because of a childhood song his mother used to sing to him, referring to soft skin like satin.

Other Nicknames for Women in Elvis’ Life

Elvis had a penchant for giving nicknames to the women in his life. Here are some of the other nicknames he used:

  • “Little”: Elvis called Anita Wood, one of his girlfriends, “Little.” She remained his preferred girlfriend until he went into the army.
  • “Dodger”: Minnie Mae Presley, Elvis’ grandmother, was nicknamed “Dodger” because Elvis once threw a ball that narrowly missed her face.
  • “Foghorn”: Elisabeth Stefaniak, Elvis’ secretary, was called “Foghorn” because of her low voice.
  • “Nungen”: Elvis called Priscilla “Nungen” as a term of endearment.
  • “Ooshie”: Ursula Andress, a co-star in Elvis’ movie “Fun in Acapulco,” was nicknamed “Ooshie” by Elvis and his friends.
  • “Thumper”: Ann-Margret, another co-star of Elvis, was called “Thumper” by the guys. Elvis also used the nicknames “Scoobie” and “Bunny” when Ann-Margret called him at Graceland.
  • “Mommy”: Linda Thompson, Elvis’ girlfriend from 1972 to 1976, was affectionately called “Mommy” by Elvis.
  • “Gingerbread”: Ginger Alden, Elvis’ last girlfriend, was called “Gingerbread” by him.


Q: Why did Elvis give nicknames to the women in his life?
A: Elvis had a playful and affectionate nature, and giving nicknames was a way for him to show his love and closeness to the women in his life.

Q: Did Priscilla have a nickname for Elvis?
A: Yes, Priscilla had several nicknames for Elvis, including “Fire Eyes” and “Satnin,” which she started using after the passing of Elvis’ mother.


Elvis Presley had a habit of giving unique and endearing nicknames to the women in his life. One of these nicknames was “Satnin,” which he used for his mother, his girlfriend June Juanico, and his wife Priscilla. These nicknames were a reflection of Elvis’ affectionate nature and his desire to express his love and closeness to the important women in his life.

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