Who Went Home On The Bachelor

who went home on the bachelor
who went home on the bachelor

Welcome to the latest update on “The Golden Bachelor!” If you’re a fan of the show and wondering who went home, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will reveal the contestants who were eliminated, making way for the final choice of Gerry Turner, the Golden Bachelor. So, let’s dive in and find out who didn’t make the cut!

Episode 1

In the first episode of “The Golden Bachelor,” several contestants had to say their goodbyes. Anna, Pamela, Patty, Maria, Renee, and Sylvia were unfortunately sent home. Each of them brought their unique charm, but in the end, they didn’t capture Gerry’s heart.

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Episode 2

As the journey continued, Natascha and Jeanie bid farewell to “The Golden Bachelor.” Although their time on the show was short-lived, they made lasting impressions.

Image Source: Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Episode 3

Joan, Edith, and Christina were eliminated in the third episode. Their connections with Gerry couldn’t withstand the challenges of the competition.

Image Source: Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Episode 4

Kathy and April’s journey on “The Golden Bachelor” came to an end in episode four. Although they didn’t receive a rose from Gerry, they made lasting memories.

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Episode 5

In episode five, Susan and Sandra departed from the competition. Their time with Gerry may have been brief, but they brought their unique qualities to the show.

Image Source: Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Episode 7

Faith’s journey on “The Golden Bachelor” concluded in episode seven. Although things didn’t work out with Gerry, she left a lasting impression.

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Episode 9

Finally, in episode nine, Leslie bid farewell to “The Golden Bachelor.” Despite the emotional farewell, Gerry ultimately chose Theresa as the winner.

Image Source: Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Now that you know who went home on “The Golden Bachelor,” you can catch up on all the episodes and witness the thrilling conclusion. Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite reality show!


Q: Are there any spoilers for “The Golden Bachelor” in this article?
A: Yes, this article contains spoilers about the eliminated contestants. If you want to avoid spoilers, we recommend watching the show before reading further.

Q: Where can I watch “The Golden Bachelor”?
A: You can watch “The Golden Bachelor” on your local ABC channel or visit Top Q&A for more information.


“The Golden Bachelor” has been a rollercoaster of emotions, with contestants coming and going as Gerry Turner searched for love. We hope this article has provided you with the latest updates on the eliminated contestants. Stay tuned for more exciting moments on “The Golden Bachelor”!

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