Who Killed Abby And Libby

who killed abby and libby
who killed abby and libby

A newly unsealed court document alleges that Richard Allen, the man charged in the 2017 killings of two teenage girls in Delphi, Indiana, confessed to the crime during a phone call with his wife while in custody. Allen was arrested in October and has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges in the killings of Abigail Williams, 13, and Liberty German, 14, whose bodies were found a day after they went for a hike along Delphi Historic Trails. Details of the alleged phone call were included in a large number of documents unsealed by Judge Frances C. Gull, the special judge overseeing the case.

The Confession

Allen’s alleged confession came during a phone call with his wife, Kathy Allen. According to the documents, Richard M. Allen admitted several times that he killed Abby and Libby. The transcription of the phone call confirms his admission to committing the murders. The call abruptly ended after his wife, Kathy Allen, heard the confession. This new evidence adds weight to the prosecution’s claims against Richard Allen.


The Investigation and Arrest

The investigation into the killings began after Abby and Libby went for a hike on February 13, 2017, and failed to meet Libby’s dad at the arranged time. Their bodies were discovered the next day in a wooded area near the trail. The tragedy shook the community, and a nationwide search for a suspect ensued for over five years.


The Bridge Photo

During the hike, Abby had posted a photo to Snapchat of the girls crossing a railroad bridge shortly before they were killed. Indiana State Police investigators released a grainy image of a man in a blue jacket and jeans on the bridge, along with a recording of a man’s voice. They believed the man captured in the photo and voice recording was a suspect in the double homicide.

Evidence Against Richard Allen

A probable cause affidavit revealed evidence linking Allen to the crime. Investigators found a .40 caliber unspent round at the scene, which was tied to Allen. They also believed that Allen forced the girls down a hill to the location where they were killed. While Allen’s attorneys had previously claimed their client had nothing to hide and planned to challenge the prosecution’s claims, the alleged phone call confession could be a significant blow to their defense strategy.



1. Is Richard Allen the only suspect in the case?

As of now, Richard Allen is the primary suspect in the case. However, investigations are ongoing, and additional evidence or leads may emerge.

2. What was the motive behind the killings?

The motive behind the killings has not been officially disclosed. Investigators are likely looking into Allen’s background and any potential connections to the victims.

3. When will the trial begin?

The trial date has not yet been set. The legal proceedings and trial dates can vary, depending on various factors, such as the complexity of the case, court availability, and procedural requirements.

4. How has the community responded to the arrest?

The community in Delphi, Indiana, has been relieved by the arrest of a suspect in the case. The tragedy deeply impacted the community, and the arrest brings some hope for justice and closure.


The alleged confession of Richard Allen during a phone call with his wife has brought a significant development to the case of Abby Williams and Libby German’s tragic killings. While Allen has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges, this new evidence could have a profound impact on the outcome of the trial. Investigators continue their efforts to gather more evidence, and the community hopes for justice to be served in this heartbreaking case.

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