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Peppa Pig is a world phenomenon.

8 million viewers introduced 1.35 billion {dollars} from the present alone. The actress who voiced Peppa Pig made $1,000 per hour. Arguably the characters are the fundamental motive for Peppa’s reputation. And who is extra compelling than Peppa Pig’s antagonist?

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Who is the Peppa Pig Antagonist?

There is no single antagonist in Peppa Pig. A Peppa Pig fandom wiki was altered with a collection of faux details, together with that Peppa Pig’s first antagonist was Dimitri. In the second season, the video-game character, Lucina, is mentioned to have develop into his successor. This info is false.

Whereas Lucina is not the actual antagonist in Peppa Pig, the infamous wiki web page did go viral. Most web sites report this reality as true, though it’s undoubtedly not. One other Peppa Pig Antagonist web page (and numerous memes and movies) sprung up afterward.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply we will’t study a number of issues from this fictional Peppa Pig antagonist!

Right here’s a 5-minute video displaying the fandom wiki web page and footage of Lucina herself:

Video by Jourd4n by way of YouTube—Peppa Pig Antagonist

Listed here are 11 faux details you need to find out about Lucina, the viral Peppa Pig antagonist—and classes we will find out about writing our personal villains.

1. Lucina is Technically the Second Peppa Pig Antagonist

For those who comply with the Peppa Pig Fandom wiki, you’ll see that Dimitri is listed as the first fundamental antagonist in the first season of Peppa Pig. Once more, this is full nonsense, however let’s go together with it. We are able to study some vital antagonist character info.

Lucina takes over for Dimitri as the major antagonist in season two.

What can we study?

For one factor, our tales want a major antagonist. The antagonist brings the battle, so with out one, our story sags and suffers. If one antagonist dies, we want a alternative antagonist stat.

On this made up universe of Peppa Pig, a successor rapidly changed the useless villain. Having a prepared successor is good planning in enterprise and world domination.

2. Lucina joined a Terrorist Group To Kill Peppa Pig

In line with the hilarious fandom wiki:

In Peppa Pig: The Film, she joins Al-Qaeda in an try and kill Peppa and household however finally ends up getting killed after being shot 387 occasions by her fellow terrorists. She is proven to be revived at the finish of the season following the launch of the film as a consequence of Mummy Pig’s carelessness whereas procuring close to Scorching Matter, although has but to make a reappearance in the present.

There is loads we might unpack right here, however I’m going to deal with the part about Al-Qaeda.

Though the degree of exaggeration right here is ridiculous (and humorous), it does present how far she’s going to go to succeed in her purpose or mission. If she’s keen to danger her life by changing into a terrorist, she’s keen to do something.

What can we study?

The very best antagonists go to excessive lengths to succeed in their targets, typically even risking their lives. It’s important that we create energetic and engaged antagonists who drive our tales ahead. This drive normally comes from robust motivation and steep character stakes.

3. Lucina Is Obsessed

That brings us to our subsequent level. In the fandom wiki, Lucina is obsessive about killing Peppa Pig and her complete pig household. This obsession impacts all the things she does, says, and doesn’t do or say in the present. Each alternative is dictated by this whole obsession.

What can we study?

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Robust motivation is essential to our antagonist. I wrote one other article about designing the excellent villain that you just would possibly need to take a look at after you end this one.

4. Lucina Is Her Personal Worst Enemy

When describing Lucina’s character, the wiki states: “When she tries to stop the Pig family, it often backfires and causes pain and/or embarrassment to her.”

Subsequently, a key high quality of Peppa Pig’s antagonist is that Lucinda is her personal worst enemy. Every part she does to succeed in her purpose (kill Peppa and household) finally ends up hurting her. This is a basic case of inside versus exterior battle that ratchets up the rigidity in the story.

What can we study?

Making our antagonist their very own worst enemy is an incredible concept. No matter our antagonist desires most also needs to carry her or him some form of ache—bodily, emotional, relational, monetary, psychological, or a mixture.

Similar to with our fundamental character, our antagonist’s decisions and actions ought to typically backfire. Unhealthy issues ought to occur to all of our fundamental characters. Our antagonist is not excluded from again luck, dangerous timing, setbacks, or betrayals. Once we present our antagonist’s struggling to succeed in their purpose, they appear extra actual and multi-faceted.

Our tales solely get higher.

5. Lucina’s Weapon of Alternative Is Her Sword Falchion

Lucina’s favourite weapon to wage warfare in opposition to Peppa Pig is her sword named Falchion.

In case you don’t know, a falchion is an precise medieval sword normally wielded one-handed. Image a machete. It’s a lethal weapon that will surely carve up poor Peppa. The falchion helps to characterize Lucina, to set her other than different individuals in the story. And different antagonists in different tales. The weapon makes her extra memorable.

What can we study?

One of the best (and greatest) methods to make an antagonist distinctive is to provide them a singular weapon or merchandise. The weapon typically turns into a personality in and of itself.

6. Lucina Is a Grasp of Disguise

In line with the Fandom wiki, Peppa Pig’s antagonist masterfully disguises herself. One of her fundamental disguises is Marth, a male alter ego. The disguises are sometimes apparent to viewers, however that’s true in tons of reveals. What I like about the disguises is that it demonstrates that Lucina is artistic and intelligent.

I all the time like an antagonist that, not less than sometimes, outsmarts the protagonist.

Often, intelligent antagonists require a fair smarter protagonist (by the finish of the story). Assume of Bradley Cooper’s character in the film, Limitless. The entire story follows his evolution into primarily a superhuman with genius-level intelligence. When the very wealthy and really sensible character performed by Robert De Niro threatens Bradley Cooper’s character with cleverness, Cooper is already ten steps forward.

What can we study?

Like Lucina and De Niro, we will elevate our antagonist by making them intelligent. Simply bear in mind to make your protagonist outwit the antagonist in the finish.

7. Lucina’s Lengthy Misplaced Brother Is John Cena

This reality is truly fairly humorous and one of the causes I knew the wiki should be faux. But it surely does add some dimension to the antagonist. Even remotely connecting your antagonist to a well-known particular person or celeb immediately makes them extra memorable.

Who’s going to overlook a personality with John Cena as a cousin? The odd ball reality makes us curious and as readers or viewers.

What can we study?

Merely including a small quirky element to our characters can typically make all of the distinction! What tiny, fascinating reality are you able to add to your antagonist? Who are they associated to? What on a regular basis product did they create?

Bonus tip: If yow will discover a approach to get readers to really feel in some way related to the antagonist, all the higher.

8. Lucina Sucks at Amongst Us

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I might have lumped this reality in with quirky character traits, however I made a decision to maintain it as a separate matter. There is an excellent motive for this: it reveals a flaw. That Lucina, Peppa Pig’s greatest antagonist, is flawed is each fascinating and vital.

However, sure, it’s additionally a really quirky flaw.

Why can we study?

We can provide our antagonists flaws that humanize them, that drop them down from the pedestal of god-like superpower. Flaws present that our antagonists bleed when lower. In brief, flaws reveal vulnerability. It’s not solely our protagonists that want vulnerability. Our antagonists, notably the actually highly effective ones, want it, too. So give your antagonists flaws—critical flaws, quirky flaws, any form of flaws. Your story will solely profit.

9. Lucina Is Racist Towards Canadians

I nearly left this reality out, however it is significantly written in the wiki. We most likely don’t want our antagonists to come back throughout as pure evil, however displaying values or actions that roam outdoors of accepted norms is helpful. Relying on the form of story (and kind of antagonist) you design, you may want readers to hate your antagonist.

Dean Koontz says that he by no means desires to glamorize evil. Most of his antagonists bleed pure black bile. They’ve few (if any) redeeming qualities. He doesn’t need us to empathize with evil.

What can we study?

Whereas not all of us will put racism in our tales, practically all of our antagonists will roam outdoors of customary values, passions, or boundaries. What line is your antagonist keen to cross?

10. Lucina Is Internally Conflicted

She doesn’t like demise however desires to homicide the whole Pig household. This is an extremely highly effective inside battle that makes Lucina a lot extra memorable. All of a sudden she is a three-dimensional character with battling worth programs, desires, and wishes.

The precise inside battle is maybe foolish, however it proves the level.

What can we study?

Bake some inside battle into your antagonists. Make them need (and wish) two reverse issues. Encourage all sides, then pit these sides in opposition to one another all through the story.

11. Lucina Has a Household

Lastly, Luciana has a husband and a daughter, who is named Morgan. We’ve seen that the Peppa Pig antagonist is flawed, quirky, intelligent, and conflicted. Now we see that she is human. Humanizing our antagonist is an efficient approach to uplift a “bad guy” or “bad girl” in your story.

Not solely does a household humanize Lucina, however it additionally provides her one thing to lose.

What can we study?

Like actual enemies, fictional antagonists have buddies, households, lovers, and pets. They take their kids to the park, assist a stranger in want, rescue an abused animal. One of my favourite sayings is, “The most terrifying evil is the evil we understand.” I can’t bear in mind the place I heard that quote (or one thing prefer it) however I’ve by no means forgotten the message.

Abstract of Classes From the Peppa Pig Antagonist

Right here is a fast abstract of the takeaways from Lucina:

  • Each story deserves a fundamental antagonist.
  • Create energetic and engaged dangerous guys.
  • Design motivated villains.
  • Make your dangerous ladies their very own worst enemies.
  • Give them a singular weapon or merchandise.
  • Make them intelligent.
  • Give your antagonist a quirk.
  • Present that they’re flawed.
  • Reveal their interior evil.
  • Create an inside battle inside of them.
  • Humanize your dangerous guys and ladies.

Closing Ideas: Peppa Pig Antagonist

Thanks for studying this text about Lucile, the Peppa Pig Antagonist!

As an fascinating aspect be aware, in line with a examine by Observer, “A thieving duck in Peppa Pig is one of the few female villains in the 100 most popular picture books”. Additionally, though I like Peppa Pig, if anybody is the collection antagonist, it’s most likely Peppa herself.

She’s notoriously imply to her little brother George.

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