Who Is Sheila E Daughter

who is sheila e daughter
who is sheila e daughter

It’s no secret that Prince had a complex and enigmatic personality. He had a tight grip on the people in his inner circle, often moving them around like chess pieces. One person who experienced both the intensity and the coldness of Prince was Susan Rogers, his former in-house recording engineer at Paisley Park.

Rogers recalled an incident when a group of musicians were waiting for Prince to arrive for a rehearsal. As they were casually discussing someone they described as an “asshole,” Prince suddenly appeared and asked who the asshole was. No one wanted to rat the person out until Prince proclaimed, “There’s only one asshole around here. And that is me.”

Even after his untimely death from an accidental drug overdose, Prince’s disciples remain devoted. However, a feud has recently emerged between two of his former protégés: Apollonia Kotero and Sheila E.

Apollonia Kotero, who starred alongside Prince in the film “Purple Rain” and was part of his musical protégés with her band Apollonia 6, publicly criticized Sheila E. for her perceived desperation to remain relevant and for profiting off Prince’s name. Sheila E., known for her hit song “Glamorous Life” written by Prince, released a new tribute song for him called “Lemon Cake” that rubbed some people the wrong way. She was also involved in a televised tribute to Prince that excluded several of his former apprentices, causing further tension.

The feud highlights the complex dynamics within Prince’s inner circle after his death. It seems that some members felt Sheila E. had no recent contact with Prince and suddenly reemerged to take charge, reminiscent of a character from “Game of Thrones.”

While the details of the feud are still unfolding, it is clear that Prince had a profound impact on the lives of those he worked with. Many artists, including Vanity Six, 3rdEyeGirl, The Time, and The Revolution, were created or mentored by Prince. He molded them in his image, using them as vessels to present his ideas and sometimes even stoke drama.

Prince’s relationships with women were particularly complex. He would become involved with them both professionally and personally, often mixing business with pleasure. Sheena Easton, a Scottish pop star known for her Bond theme song “For Your Eyes Only,” experienced this firsthand when Prince remade her in his image. Their collaboration resulted in the wildly sexual hit song “Sugar Walls.”

However, Prince’s attention was known to flit away from women and onto someone else. This dynamic led to jealousy and heartache among some of his female protégés, including Sheila E. and Susannah Melvoin, the twin sister of Wendy Melvoin from Prince’s band The Revolution.

Sheila E. had a deep obsession with Prince and wanted to own him, according to Howard Bloom, Prince’s former publicist. He described her longing to have his children and possess him entirely. However, Prince had numerous relationships with women during the 1980s.

Prince’s ability to captivate and then discard those around him was a testament to his unique personality. Once he decided he was done with someone, he could be harsh. He dropped his band The Revolution over dinner, leaving them stunned. Other collaborators, such as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, were also cast aside when Prince felt they didn’t meet his standards.

Since Prince’s death, tensions and feuds have started to surface, revealing a side of him that was meticulously hidden during his life. People who were once beloved by Prince find it challenging to let go. They long to hold onto the memories and the connection they had with the enigmatic artist.

In conclusion, the feud between Apollonia Kotero and Sheila E. shines a light on the intricate relationships within Prince’s inner circle. It’s a reminder of the impact he had on the lives of his protégés and the complexities of his personality. Despite the conflicts that have emerged, Prince’s legacy as a musical genius remains intact.


Q: Who is Sheila E. and Apollonia Kotero?
A: Sheila E. and Apollonia Kotero are both former protégés of Prince. They starred alongside him in the film “Purple Rain” and had successful musical careers under his guidance.

Q: What is the feud between Sheila E. and Apollonia Kotero about?
A: The feud originated from a perceived desperation by Sheila E. to remain relevant and profit off Prince’s name. Apollonia Kotero publicly criticized Sheila E. for her actions, igniting the public feud.

Q: Are there other feuds emerging after Prince’s death?
A: Yes, tensions and feuds have started to surface among Prince’s former associates and protégés. The dynamics within his inner circle are becoming more apparent now that Prince isn’t there to maintain control.

Q: How did Prince influence his protégés?
A: Prince had a unique ability to mold and shape his protégés in his image. He often played all the instruments in their songs and used them as vessels to present his ideas and musical vision.

Q: What was Prince like in his personal relationships?
A: Prince had complex relationships, especially with women. He mixed business with pleasure and would become involved with them both professionally and personally. This dynamic often led to jealousy and heartache among his female protégés.

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