Who Is Olivia Jerome On General Hospital

who is olivia jerome on general hospital
who is olivia jerome on general hospital

Olivia Jerome, the infamous villainess of GENERAL HOSPITAL, may have appeared to meet her demise in March 2017, but fans have been speculating that she could make a comeback in Port Charles. Olivia first made her mark on GH when Tonja Walker joined the show in 1988, and despite her seemingly fatal exit in 1990, Walker reprised the role in January 2017, revealing that Olivia was still alive. Although her final appearance later that year left viewers uncertain of her ultimate fate, Olivia’s reign of terror was unforgettable.

Olivia’s Troubled Background

Olivia is a member of the Jerome mob family and was involved in a dangerous power struggle with her brother Julian Jerome and half-brother Dino over their father Victor’s business. After surviving an attempt on her life by Dino, Olivia suffered a traumatic brain injury and was institutionalized. Julian took over the Jerome empire but sought revenge against Duke Lavery for betraying their father. Olivia, who had a romantic history with Duke, became an integral part of Julian’s scheme, leading to devastating consequences.

GH Anna Griffin & Olivia
-Griffin and Anna managed to narrowly escape Olivia’s clutches! (Image: Howard Wise/jpistudios.com)-

Olivia’s Reign of Terror

Olivia’s return in 2017 brought chaos to Port Charles. She ordered a hit that resulted in the death of Morgan Corinthos, using an alias and befriending people close to Julian, such as Alexis Davis and Sam McCall. Upon discovering Olivia’s true identity, Sam became her target, and Olivia pushed her off a bridge. Olivia also kidnapped Robin Scorpio and Griffin Munroe, plotting to bring Duke back to life using Griffin. However, her plans were foiled by Griffin, leading to her escape and subsequent kidnapping of Ava Jerome and Alexis.

GH Olivia Sonny
-Sonny vowed to take care of Olivia… permanently! (Image: XJJohnson/jpistudios.com)-

Olivia’s Demise?

Olivia’s reign came to a dramatic end when she engaged in a final confrontation with Julian on a bridge. During the altercation, Julian shot Olivia, and she fell to her apparent death. However, in the unpredictable world of soap operas, characters can often return from the dead. While Olivia hasn’t been seen since her supposed demise, recent revelations have hinted at the possibility of her return. Cyrus Renault warned Laura Collins that Olivia had made certain promises about Anna’s fate in Pentonville, suggesting that Olivia might still be a force to be reckoned with.


Q: Will Olivia Jerome return to GENERAL HOSPITAL?
A: While Olivia’s fate remains uncertain, soap opera fans know that characters can make surprise comebacks. Keep watching to see if Olivia resurfaces in Port Charles.

Q: Who portrayed Olivia Jerome on GENERAL HOSPITAL?
A: Actress Tonja Walker portrayed the villainess Olivia Jerome on the show.

Q: When did Olivia Jerome first appear on GENERAL HOSPITAL?
A: Olivia Jerome first appeared on GH in 1988 when Tonja Walker joined the cast.


Olivia Jerome left an indelible mark on GENERAL HOSPITAL with her reign of terror. Although her fate seemed sealed after her confrontation with Julian, hints of her potential return keep fans on the edge of their seats. As the story unfolds, viewers eagerly await the next chapter in Olivia’s unpredictable journey. Stay tuned to GENERAL HOSPITAL to see if Olivia Jerome makes a shocking comeback. For more exciting updates and discussions about GENERAL HOSPITAL, join the We Love General Hospital Facebook group today.

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