Who Is Michael Roman

who is michael roman
who is michael roman

Meet Michael Roman, a man with an intriguing background and a pivotal role within the White House. As an enigmatic figure involved in intelligence-gathering, Roman’s responsibilities include vetting special appointees, researching backgrounds, and coordinating with various departments. But who is Michael Roman, and how did he find himself in such a significant position? Let’s delve into his story.

A Seasoned Political Operative

Before his White House appointment, Roman had an impressive career in political consulting and investigation. He worked on the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and Senator John McCain. Known for his expertise in boosting voter turnout and coordinating with state Republican Party leaders, Roman proved himself to be a formidable asset in challenging election environments.

From Political Consulting to Intelligence-Gathering

Roman’s journey led him to the Koch network, where he served as the head of research for the Freedom Partners group. In this role, he tracked the activities of Democratic political organizers and donors, earning him a reputation as a skilled researcher. However, the 25-person intelligence-gathering unit he led was disbanded by the Kochs in 2016.

The Trump Campaign and Beyond

During Donald Trump’s campaign, Roman was hired to oversee poll-watching in the final weeks leading up to the election. After Trump’s inauguration, Roman quietly joined the White House, becoming an essential member of the team. His involvement primarily revolves around researching and vetting, contrasting with the typical responsibilities of previous administration researchers.

An Enigma in the Research World

Roman has cultivated a mysterious persona within research circles. Described as a “man of the world,” he possesses a unique ability to uncover information and solve complex problems. His skills are highly valued, with one former administration official likening him to someone you would consult to find a Hungarian hacker in Hong Kong.

The Role of Michael Roman

As part of White House counsel Don McGahn’s team, Michael Roman plays a crucial role in investigating the backgrounds of appointees and ensuring their suitability for their positions. He meticulously examines their social media footprints and financial histories, providing valuable insights to aid decision-making processes.


Q: What is Michael Roman’s role in the White House?
A: Michael Roman serves as an important researcher and vetting specialist within White House counsel Don McGahn’s team. His responsibilities include researching the backgrounds of special appointees and their social media footprints.

Q: What are Michael Roman’s professional experiences?
A: Before joining the White House, Roman had an extensive career in political consulting, working on several presidential campaigns, including those of George W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and Senator John McCain. He also led an intelligence-gathering unit within the Koch network.

Q: How is Michael Roman described by colleagues?
A: Colleagues and acquaintances describe Michael Roman as a seasoned political operative and a dedicated Philadelphia Eagles fan. He is known for his blue-collar upbringing and his unwavering commitment to his work.


Michael Roman’s journey from political consulting to intelligence-gathering to his prominent role in the White House showcases his exceptional skills and expertise. As a key figure within the research team, Roman’s thorough evaluations contribute to the smooth functioning of the administration. Although his work may be shrouded in mystery, there is no denying his significant impact within the White House.

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