Who Is Keke Palmer

who is keke palmer
who is keke palmer

Keke Palmer, the talented actress, singer, and television host, has recently added another prestigious award to her collection. On January 7, it was announced that Palmer had won an Emmy award for Outstanding Host for a Game Show for her exceptional work on the show Password, which she began hosting in 2022. This remarkable achievement makes her the first woman to win the award since 2009 and the first Black woman to be nominated and win in this category.

Palmer expressed her gratitude and excitement during her acceptance speech, thanking Jimmy Fallon and NBC for the opportunity. The EVP of NBCUniversal Entertainment Unscripted Programming, Corie Henson, also praised Keke Palmer’s outstanding hosting skills and acknowledged her winning partnership with Jimmy Fallon on Password.

Keke Palmer Emmy Award

To celebrate her accomplishment, Palmer shared delightful snapshots on her Instagram page, proudly displaying her smile while holding the award. She expressed her appreciation for being part of such a classic game show and thanked the Television Academy for the honor. Chance the Rapper, a coach on The Voice, left a comment filled with fire emojis, showing his support and admiration for Palmer’s achievement.

Keke Palmer’s Career

This is not the first Emmy Award for Keke Palmer. In 2021, she won an Emmy for her portrayal of five characters in the fictional comedy series Turnt Up with the Taylors, a parody of family reality shows. Palmer’s talent and versatility have been recognized in various roles and projects throughout her career.

Keke Palmer in Password

Regarding her work on Password, Palmer shared in an interview with The Washington Post how this experience has expanded her horizons. She expressed her enthusiasm for personality-hosting and producing, as it allows her to be herself more authentically. While hosting is still a performative aspect of her personality, it brings her closer to her true self compared to playing a character or a role.

In her personal life, Keke Palmer made headlines when she announced her pregnancy while hosting Saturday Night Live in December 2022. She later gave birth to a baby boy named Leodis Andrelton Jackson in February 2023. This multi-talented artist continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, impressing audiences with her versatility and captivating performances.


Q: What award did Keke Palmer win?
A: Keke Palmer won an Emmy award for Outstanding Host for a Game Show for her work on Password.

Q: Has Keke Palmer won any other Emmy awards?
A: Yes, Keke Palmer previously won an Emmy for her performance in the fictional comedy series Turnt Up with the Taylors.

Q: What is Keke Palmer’s latest project?
A: Keke Palmer’s latest project is hosting the game show Password.


Keke Palmer’s recent Emmy award win for her exceptional hosting skills on Password highlights her talent, hard work, and dedication. She continues to impress audiences with her versatility and authenticity in both her professional and personal life. As Keke Palmer’s career flourishes, we can expect to see more remarkable achievements from this talented artist.

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