Who Is Jennifer Hudson Dating

who is jennifer hudson dating
who is jennifer hudson dating

Jennifer Hudson is keeping her love life under wraps, but she did reveal that she’s in a very happy relationship. During an appearance on CBS Mornings, the talk show host, Gayle King, inquired about Hudson’s “very nice relationship with someone who shall remain nameless.” Hudson responded with a smile, stating that she is indeed very happy. Although she didn’t disclose her partner’s identity, there have been speculations about her dating rapper Common since July 2022.

The Rumors and Connections

Jennifer Hudson and Common sparked dating rumors after being spotted together back in July 2022. The pair connected on the set of the upcoming action-thriller Breathe. When asked about the speculation, Hudson confirmed that they shot a film together, where Common played her husband. However, she emphasized that people create their own narratives and that they are simply co-stars who enjoy each other’s company.

Jennifer Hudson and Common

Supportive Moments

Since the initial rumors, Jennifer Hudson and Common have been spotted together on various occasions. They are not shy about expressing their admiration for each other, often giving shoutouts and showing support. When questioned about the speculation, Hudson praised Common as a “beautiful man,” leaving the rumors open to interpretation.

Previous Relationships

In 2017, Jennifer Hudson ended her engagement with David Otunga, with whom she shares a 14-year-old son named David. As for Common, he has been linked to other notable figures in the past, such as Erykah Badu, Taraji P. Henson, Serena Williams, and Tiffany Haddish. Common and Tiffany Haddish split in late 2021, making him single at the time of the Jennifer Hudson rumors.

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Q: Is Jennifer Hudson dating Common?
A: While Jennifer Hudson hasn’t explicitly confirmed her relationship with Common, there have been speculations and sightings that suggest they might be dating.

Q: Who did Jennifer Hudson break up with?
A: Jennifer Hudson called off her engagement to David Otunga in 2017 after being together for 10 years.

Q: Who is Common dating now?
A: As of now, Common’s relationship status is unclear since his split from Tiffany Haddish in late 2021.


Jennifer Hudson has chosen to keep the details of her love life private, but the rumors surrounding her relationship with Common continue to circulate. While fans eagerly speculate about their status, both Hudson and Common have shown support for each other and enjoy spending time together. As the mystery unfolds, we’ll have to wait for them to share more about their relationship or maintain their intrigue. Stay tuned for more updates on Top Q&A.

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