Who Is Caitlin Clark’s Boyfriend

who is caitlin clarks boyfriend
who is caitlin clarks boyfriend

Caitlin Clark, the star Iowa guard, recently shared some exciting news about her end-of-season plans on Instagram. In a post, she revealed pictures with her apparent boyfriend, former Hawkeye Connor McCaffery. The couple looked cozy as they enjoyed time together on a boat, captioning the post as “Best end to summer.” This has sparked curiosity among fans, wanting to know more about Caitlin Clark’s relationship status. Let’s delve deeper into the details.

Caitlin Clark and Connor McCaffery: A Beautiful Pair

Caitlin Clark’s apparent boyfriend, Connor McCaffery, is the son of Iowa’s men’s basketball coach, Fran McCaffery. Connor, a former member of the Hawkeyes basketball team, recently wrapped up his collegiate career in March. Although the exact timeline of their relationship is unclear, it is believed that Caitlin and Connor have been together for several months now.

Caitlin Clark and Connor McCaffery

Love on Social Media

The couple’s love for each other is evident through their interactions on Instagram. In response to Caitlin’s post, Connor dropped a heart emoji with fingers crossed in the comments, expressing his affection. Similarly, Caitlin responded with a pink heart animation next to Connor’s Instagram handle, revealing their adorable bond.

Future Plans

While Caitlin Clark is entering her senior year at Iowa, following a remarkable junior season, Connor McCaffery has already secured a coaching role with the Indiana Pacers. According to the Des Moines Register, Connor signed an offer in May to join the Pacers’ staff as a team assistant. In his new role, he will contribute to various aspects of the team, including dummy defense, running the scout team, assisting with film analysis, video projects, and scouting reports.


Are Caitlin Clark and Connor McCaffery still together?

As of the latest information available, Caitlin Clark and Connor McCaffery are believed to still be together. They have been romantically linked for several months now.

How did Caitlin Clark perform in her junior season?

During her junior season, Caitlin Clark showcased her exceptional talent, averaging 27.8 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 8.6 assists per game. She played a crucial role in leading the Hawkeyes to the national championship game in the NCAA tournament, where they unfortunately lost to the LSU Tigers.

Where can I find more information about Caitlin Clark’s boyfriend?

For more information about Caitlin Clark’s boyfriend, Connor McCaffery, you can visit the Top Q&A website.


Caitlin Clark and Connor McCaffery have captured the hearts of fans with their beautiful relationship. As Caitlin continues to make waves in her basketball career, Connor embarks on his coaching journey with the Indiana Pacers. Their love and support for each other are evident, both on and off social media. We wish them the very best in their future endeavors.

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