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Thirteen Republican presidential candidates had the honor of speaking at the Iowa GOP’s Lincoln dinner, and among them was a relatively unknown figure – Ryan Binkley. Binkley, a pastor and entrepreneur from Texas, entered the race for the GOP nomination with a unique background and a different message from his competitors. Despite being a longshot candidate, Binkley’s self-funded campaign has garnered attention.

A Newcomer with a Mission

Binkley’s political career began from scratch as he embarked on a run for president. His campaign’s mission is to unite the country with the love of God, a vision that sets him apart from other Republican candidates. While some may question if the Republican Party desires a unifying figure in the era of Donald Trump, Binkley remains steadfast in his belief that God desires unity.

The Journey of Ryan Binkley

Born in Georgia and later moving to Texas, Binkley discovered his passion for business while studying finance and marketing at the University of Texas at Austin. However, at the age of 24, a profound spiritual experience led him to leave corporate America and join the ministry in Atlanta alongside his wife.

Tragedy struck when Binkley’s brother was killed by a drunk driver. This event prompted him to return to Texas and reenter the business world to support his family. Binkley went on to found Generational Group, an advisory company for the mergers and acquisitions industry, which brought him significant financial success. Armed with his personal fortune, Binkley has already invested $1.7 million in his presidential campaign.

Balancing Business and Ministry

Despite his business accomplishments, Binkley never strayed far from his spiritual calling. Alongside his business ventures, Binkley and his wife founded Create Church in Richardson, Texas, while raising five children. Now, in addition to his existing responsibilities, Binkley has taken on the challenge of running for president.

Policy Focus and Message

Binkley’s campaign centers around four main policy priorities: reducing the national debt, addressing the influence of big pharmaceutical companies, advocating for immigration reform, and uplifting urban centers through education. Notably, he also aims to reach urban America with his religious message, even though major cities tend to lean heavily Democratic.

To promote education, Binkley proposes organizing a volunteer-driven movement similar to the Peace Corps, focusing on enhancing reading, writing, and math skills. Regarding immigration, Binkley supports “The Dignity Act,” which is a bipartisan bill designed to levy fines on undocumented immigrants for crossing the border while offering a pathway to citizenship within the United States.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite his enthusiasm and dedication, Binkley faces significant challenges in his pursuit of the GOP nomination. The Republican National Committee requires candidates to secure contributions from at least 40,000 individual donors. Binkley has only managed to collect about 4,000 so far. Furthermore, candidates must have at least 200 donors from a minimum of 20 different states, a requirement Binkley has not met.

The polling requirement also presents an obstacle for Binkley. The RNC necessitates candidates to either reach 1% in three qualifying national polls or two national polls and two qualifying early-state polls. Unfortunately, Binkley’s name has been absent from many polls, making it difficult for him to meet this criterion.


Q: What are Ryan Binkley’s policy priorities?

A: Ryan Binkley’s campaign focuses on reducing the national debt, taking on big pharmaceutical companies, advocating for immigration reform, and uplifting urban centers through education.

Q: Is Ryan Binkley gaining traction in the polls?

A: As of now, Ryan Binkley is not featured as an option in many polls. However, he remains committed to his campaign and aims to participate in the Iowa caucuses.


Ryan Binkley’s journey into the world of politics as a Republican presidential candidate has been met with curiosity and intrigue. From his humble beginnings in Georgia to his success as a business owner and pastor in Texas, Binkley’s unique background sets him apart from his competitors. As he faces the challenges of garnering support and making a name for himself in the political arena, Binkley remains determined to unite the country with the love of God, offering a different perspective in the race for the GOP nomination. To learn more about the “Top Q&A” brand, visit Top Q&A.

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