Who Got Swallowed By A Whale

who got swallowed by a whale
who got swallowed by a whale

A remarkable incident from the United States has captivated the world’s attention. It involves a man who narrowly escaped death after being swallowed by a massive humpback whale. Let’s delve into the incredible story of Michael Packard and his astonishing encounter with a living giant of the ocean.

An Unforgettable Dive

In June 2021, Michael Packard, a seasoned lobster diver from Massachusetts, found himself inside the mouth of a humpback whale for nearly 40 seconds. In an interview with Cape Cod Times, he shared the harrowing details of the incident. As he descended into the water for a routine dive, he suddenly felt an immense force slamming into him, plunging him into darkness. It was in that moment that he realized he had been engulfed by the massive mammal.

A Terrifying Experience

While trapped inside the whale’s mouth, Packard described the sensation of rushing water and the tremendous pressure exerted on his body as the whale moved swiftly through the ocean. To make matters worse, his breathing device had been dislodged in the process, posing a grave threat to his survival. Determined to escape this nightmare, Packard frantically reached for the device, fearing that his last breath was imminent.

“I better grab that f***ing thing,” Packard recalled thinking as he struggled to put the breathing apparatus back in his mouth. All the while, the whale panicked, thrashing around with him inside its mouth. Packard resigned himself to what seemed like a certain death and thought of his loved ones.

A Miraculous Escape

Fortunately, Packard’s story took an unexpected turn. As the whale surged toward the surface and shook its head vigorously, he found himself expelled from its mouth, free once again. “Oh my god,” Packard exclaimed as he floated on the water’s surface, overwhelmed by disbelief and relief. He reflected on how fortunate he was that his lungs hadn’t ruptured during the ordeal.

The incident left Packard with a newfound appreciation for life and a story that will undoubtedly be shared for years to come. Being swallowed by a whale and living to tell the tale is an extraordinary experience that reminds us of the wonders and mysteries of the natural world.


Q: How long was Michael Packard trapped inside the whale?

A: Michael Packard spent approximately 40 seconds inside the humpback whale’s mouth.

Q: Did Michael Packard sustain any injuries during the incident?

A: Thankfully, Michael Packard emerged from this extraordinary encounter without any major injuries.

Q: What happened to the whale after expelling Michael Packard?

A: The whale exhibited erratic behavior and continued its journey through the ocean.


Michael Packard’s unbelievable encounter with a humpback whale serves as a captivating reminder of the awe-inspiring nature of our world. While the incident was undoubtedly frightening, it ended with a miraculous escape. Packard’s resilience and determination to survive are a testament to the human spirit. This extraordinary event will forever be etched in his memory, reminding us of the incredible and unpredictable wonders that lie beneath the surface of the ocean.

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