Which Legendary Pokemon Represents The Sun

The world of Pokemon is filled with captivating creatures, each with its own unique traits and abilities. Among these legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo stands out as the embodiment of the sun’s power and energy. In this article, we will explore the fascinating characteristics of Solgaleo and its significance in the Pokemon universe.

The Sunsteel Pokemon

Solgaleo is known as the Sunsteel Pokemon, representing the power of the sun itself. Its majestic appearance, with a golden mane and regal stance, reflects its immense strength and royal nature.

Psychic and Steel Type

Solgaleo possesses a dual typing, making it both a Psychic and Steel type Pokemon. This combination grants Solgaleo a wide range of powerful moves and the ability to withstand various types of attacks.


Signature Move – Sunsteel Strike

Solgaleo’s signature move is the Sunsteel Strike. This devastating attack combines the power of steel and the intensity of the sun. Its sheer force can pierce through any defense, leaving opponents in awe.

Guardians of Alola

Solgaleo, along with its counterpart Lunala, is known as the Guardians of Alola. They play a crucial role in the Pokemon Sun and Moon games, guiding players on their journey and protecting the region from harm.

Legendary Trio

Solgaleo is a part of the Legendary Trio in the Alola region, along with Lunala and Necrozma. These three powerful Pokemon are deeply interconnected and central to the lore of the Pokemon Sun and Moon games.

Radiant Sun Phase

Solgaleo has the ability to enter its Radiant Sun phase, where its body emanates a blinding light similar to the sun. In this form, Solgaleo’s powers are enhanced, allowing it to unleash devastating attacks with unmatched precision.

Cosmog’s Evolution

Cosmog, a small and innocent Pokemon, evolves into Solgaleo when exposed to the power of the Legendary Sunne/Moone. This transformation symbolizes Solgaleo’s role as a guardian of light and the sun.

Role in the Ultra Wormhole

Solgaleo possesses a unique ability to create Ultra Wormholes, which are portals that allow travel between dimensions. Its connection to these mysterious gateways hints at its immense cosmic power and importance in the Pokemon universe.

Pokedex Entry

According to the Pokedex, Solgaleo is said to live in another world. The intense light it radiates from its body can make even the darkest nights light up like midday.

The Power of Full Metal Body

Solgaleo possesses an ability known as Full Metal Body. This ability prevents other Pokemon from lowering its stats, ensuring that Solgaleo remains a formidable force in battle.

Alola Region’s Legendary Mascot

Solgaleo is regarded as the primary legendary mascot of the Pokemon Sun game, representing the light and energy of the Alola region. Its majestic presence adds a sense of grandeur to the epic Pokemon adventure.

Embodiment of Hope

Solgaleo is often seen as the embodiment of hope, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness. Its majestic appearance and unwavering spirit inspire trainers to keep pushing forward, no matter the challenges they face.

And there you have it – fascinating facts about Solgaleo! This legendary Pokemon’s lore and abilities have captivated trainers worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokemon player or just beginning your journey, Solgaleo is sure to leave an indelible mark on your Pokemon adventure. So, go forth and embrace the power of Solgaleo, unleashing its untapped potential!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Solgaleo:

  1. What type is Solgaleo?

    • Solgaleo is a dual-type Psychic/Steel Pokemon.
  2. How can I obtain Solgaleo in the Pokemon games?

    • In Pokemon Sun and Ultra Sun, Solgaleo can be obtained by following the storyline and capturing it at the Altar of the Sunne. In Pokemon Moon and Ultra Moon, it requires trade or other special events to obtain Solgaleo.
  3. What are the unique moves of Solgaleo?

    • Solgaleo has several unique moves, including Sunsteel Strike, a powerful Steel-type move that ignores the opponent’s abilities, and Moongeist Beam, a Ghost-type move that also ignores abilities.
  4. Can Solgaleo evolve?

    • No, Solgaleo does not evolve. It is the final form of its evolutionary line.
  5. Is Solgaleo exclusive to a specific Pokemon game?

    • Solgaleo is exclusive to Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Ultra Sun, and their respective enhanced versions. It cannot be encountered in Pokemon Moon or Pokemon Ultra Moon without trading or transferring from another game.
  6. What is Solgaleo’s role in the Pokemon lore?

    • Solgaleo is known as the “Beast That Devours the Sun” and has a significant role in the Alolan legends. It is said to control the light and bring the sun’s energy to the region.

In conclusion, Solgaleo is not just a powerful and majestic Pokemon, but it holds a rich history and fascinating characteristics that make it truly unique. From its Solar Blade move to its connection with the sun and the Alola region, there is much to learn and appreciate about this legendary creature. Whether you’re a fan of the Pokemon games, the animated series, or simply enjoy exploring the depths of the Pokemon universe, Solgaleo is definitely a Pokemon that should not be overlooked. Its regal appearance, impressive abilities, and captivating lore make it a true force to be reckoned with. So, next time you encounter Solgaleo, remember the incredible journey it has taken to become the legendary Pokemon it is today.

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