Where The Heart Is Cast

Have you ever wondered about the talented actors behind the heartwarming movie “Where The Heart Is”? In this article, we will take a closer look at the cast members who brought these beloved characters to life.

Meet the Stars of “Where The Heart Is”

The film “Where The Heart Is” features a talented ensemble cast, including some familiar faces in the world of cinema. Let’s dive into the cast members who portrayed these unforgettable characters:

Novalee Nation

Novalee Nation, played by an incredible actress, is a central character in the film. Her portrayal of Novalee’s emotional journey captivated audiences and left a lasting impression. Through her performance, she brought depth and authenticity to Novalee’s story, making her a beloved protagonist.

Forney Hull

Another memorable character from “Where The Heart Is” is Forney Hull, portrayed by a talented actor. Forney’s presence on screen added a layer of charm and warmth to the film. The actor’s performance breathed life into Forney, making him a beloved character amongst viewers.

Novalee and Forney


Q: Who played Novalee Nation in “Where The Heart Is”?
A: Novalee Nation was played by [insert actress name].

Q: Who portrayed Forney Hull in the film?
A: Forney Hull was portrayed by [insert actor name].

Q: Is “Where The Heart Is” based on a true story?
A: “Where The Heart Is” is not based on a true story but is an adaptation of a novel by [author’s name].


The cast of “Where The Heart Is” brought these beloved characters to life with their exceptional performances. From Novalee Nation to Forney Hull, each actor added their unique touch to the film, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide.

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