Where Is Xur: Your Ultimate Guide

where is xur
where is xur

Are you a Destiny 2 player in search of the elusive vendor, Xur? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to find Xur, discover his inventory, and make the most of your Destiny 2 experience.

Xur’s Location on The Map


Xur’s location changes every week, but don’t worry! We have you covered. Our Xur tracker at Top Q&A will show you exactly where to find Xur this week and how long he’ll be there. If he’s not currently available, the timer will let you know when he will return. We strive to keep our information up to date, so you can always rely on us for accurate and timely updates.

How to Find Xur: Video Guide

If you’re in need of visual assistance, we provide video guides and maps to help you navigate your way to Xur’s location. These handy resources will ensure that you never miss out on the opportunity to interact with Destiny 2’s most mysterious vendor.

What Xur is Selling Today?

Destiny 2 — Xur Vendor Location and Items

Xur is known for his impressive inventory of Exotic and Legendary items. We will swiftly update you on what Xur is selling each week, including Exotic armor, Exotic weapons, and even Legendary loot. With our help, you can easily keep track of the items available for purchase and decide which ones are worth investing in.

Exotic Armor

Xur offers a range of Exotic armor pieces, each with unique attributes. Here are a few examples:

  • Gwisin Vest: Hunter, Chest – 62 Points: Resilience (+19), Discipline (+14), and Intellect (+13).
  • Wormgod Caress: Titan, Gauntlets – 68 Points: Resilience (+23) and Strength (+23).
  • Felwinter’s Helm: Warlock, Helmet – 66 Points: Mobility (+29) and Intellect (+29).

Exotic Weapon

Xur’s Exotic weapons are highly sought after by Guardians. Keep an eye out for the powerful Hawkmoon hand cannon, which can be purchased for 29 Legendary Shards, 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, 1 Exotic Cipher, and 1 Ascendant Shard.

Legendary Weapons

In addition to Exotics, Xur also offers a selection of Legendary weapons. These weapons can be purchased for 50 Legendary Shards and 1000 Glimmer. Here are a few examples:

  • Tarnished Mettle: Arc Scout Rifle – Multikill Clip and Moving Target.
  • IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2: Arc SMG – Gutshot Straight and Perpetual Motion.
  • IKELOS_SG_v1.0.2: Solar Shotgun – Swashbuckler and Grave Robber.
  • No Reprieve: Stasis Shotgun – Triple Tap and Focused Fury.
  • Spare Rations: Kinetic Hand Cannon – Vorpal Weapon and Snapshot Sights.
  • Interference VI: Arc Heavy Grenade Launcher – Auto-Loading Holster and Swashbuckler.
  • Just in Case: Solar Sword – Thresh and Wellspring.

Legendary Armor

For each class (Warlock, Hunter, and Titan), Xur offers unique sets of Legendary armor. This week, you have the opportunity to acquire the Annealed Shaper Set for Warlock, the Woven Firesmith Set for Hunter, and the Forged Machinist Set for Titan from the Season of the Forge. Relive the memorable forge quests with these iconic armor sets!

Destiny 2 Xur — Where Is He

Destiny 2 — Xur Vendor Location and Items, February 16-20

At Top Q&A, we understand that finding Xur and his stock can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate Xur tracker to address all your burning questions and make your experience with Destiny 2’s most enigmatic vendor much more pleasant.

On our platform, you’ll find the exact location of Xur each week and how long he’ll be there. If you’re wondering about Xur’s availability, we have a timer counting down to his next appearance. As soon as Xur arrives, we’ll update all the information, including the Exotics and gear he offers.

If you’re curious about how to locate Xur, we provide video guides and detailed maps to ensure you never miss an encounter. In addition, our regularly updated inventory lists will keep you informed about Xur’s current offerings and what he sold in previous weeks.

Are you still looking for answers? Check out our FAQs section for further clarity on Xur and his activities.


Have questions about Xur and his role in Destiny 2? Here are some frequently asked questions to provide you with the information you need:

  1. Who is Xur? Xur is known as the Agent of the Nine, a mysterious vendor representing powerful primordial gods called the Nine.

  2. Where can I find Xur this week? Our Xur tracker will provide you with the exact location of Xur, ensuring that you never miss an encounter.

  3. What does Xur sell? Xur offers a wide range of Exotic and Legendary items, including armor, weapons, and other valuable loot.

  4. Does Xur’s inventory change weekly? Yes, Xur’s inventory is refreshed every week, offering new items for Guardians to acquire.

  5. What currencies are required to purchase items from Xur? To purchase items from Xur, you will need Legendary Shards, Glimmer, Ascendant Shards, and Exotic Ciphers.

Now you’re equipped with all the knowledge you need to locate and interact with Xur, Destiny 2’s mysterious vendor. Visit our platform at Top Q&A for all the latest updates and insights.


Finding Xur and discovering his inventory has never been easier, thanks to the resources provided by Top Q&A. With our Xur tracker, comprehensive guides, and up-to-date information, you’ll never miss an opportunity to acquire powerful gear and enhance your Destiny 2 experience. Visit our platform today and embark on a thrilling journey with Xur, the Agent of the Nine.

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