Where Is UFC 298

where is ufc 298
where is ufc 298

Are you eagerly waiting for the next UFC event? Wondering where UFC 298 will take place? Look no further, as we have all the information you need right here!

Seeking the Ultimate Fighting Championship?

If you’re an ardent fan of mixed martial arts, you’re probably familiar with the thrill and excitement that UFC events bring. The UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, is the pinnacle of combat sports, featuring a roster of elite fighters from around the world. But where exactly will UFC 298 be held? Let’s dive in and find out!

The Epicenter of UFC 298

image: Anaheim Arena

UFC 298 will be hosted at the prestigious Anaheim Arena. This state-of-the-art venue has a rich history of hosting high-profile sporting events and has become synonymous with world-class entertainment. From boxing matches to basketball games, the Anaheim Arena continues to captivate fans with its electrifying atmosphere.

Located in Anaheim, California, the Anaheim Arena provides a convenient and accessible location for spectators to witness the intensity of UFC 298. Situated in the heart of Orange County, this iconic venue offers a multitude of amenities for fight enthusiasts, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

The Thrill of Anaheim

image: Anaheim City

Anaheim, the city that serves as the backdrop for UFC 298, is a vibrant and bustling metropolis. Renowned for its world-famous Disneyland Resort, Anaheim offers a diverse range of attractions and entertainment options for visitors. Whether you’re exploring the lively Downtown Disney district or indulging in delicious cuisine at local eateries, you’ll find plenty to see and do in Anaheim.

Beyond the glitter of Disneyland, Anaheim boasts a thriving sports culture. Home to multiple professional sports teams, including the Anaheim Ducks of the NHL, the city is no stranger to hosting high-stakes sporting events. Combining the energy of the city with the intensity of UFC 298 makes for an extraordinary experience that fight fans won’t want to miss.


Q: How can I purchase tickets for UFC 298?

A: To secure your spot at UFC 298, visit the official UFC website or trusted ticketing platforms. Keep an eye out for ticket releases and promotions to make sure you don’t miss your chance to witness the action live.

Q: When is UFC 298 scheduled to take place?

A: The exact date for UFC 298 has yet to be announced. Stay tuned to official UFC announcements and keep an eye on their website for updates on the event date and time.

Q: Are there any other UFC events happening in Anaheim?

A: Anaheim has a history of hosting memorable UFC events. While UFC 298 is a highly anticipated upcoming event, there may be other UFC events held in Anaheim in the future. Stay informed through official UFC channels for the latest updates on UFC events.


When it comes to locating UFC 298, look no further than the Anaheim Arena in Anaheim, California. As UFC enthusiasts eagerly await this thrilling event, the city of Anaheim stands ready to welcome them with open arms. So mark your calendars, keep an eye on the official UFC announcements, and get ready to experience a night of adrenaline-pumping action at UFC 298!

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