Where Is Southwell

Southwell, located in Nottinghamshire, is undoubtedly one of the most charming towns in the area. With its picturesque narrow high street, beautiful pubs, and the breathtaking Southwell Minster, this town offers a delightful experience for visitors. The Southwell Minster, known for its magnificent Norman naves, is considered one of the finest cathedrals in Europe.

Steeped in History

Southwell has a rich history that has left its mark on the town. During the English Civil War, King Charles I spent his last night of freedom in Southwell, staying at the Saracen’s Head. It is said that Oliver Cromwell also visited the town. Unfortunately, this period of conflict took its toll on Southwell’s historic buildings and landmarks. The Southwell Minster, for example, bears scars from the war, as Cromwell’s troops destroyed monuments and graves to extract valuable materials.

Bramley Apple Heritage

Southwell is internationally renowned for its association with the Bramley apple. It was in this town that the apple was first propagated over 200 years ago, from a garden on Church Street. Every year, people gather in the picturesque market town to celebrate the Bramley apple at the annual Bramley Apple Festival.

The Workhouse

Just outside of Southwell, visitors can explore another fascinating heritage attraction: The Workhouse. Built in 1824 to house the poor and needy of the Victorian era, this austere building was pioneering in its design. Today, visitors can wander the grounds and experience living history events, tours, and exhibitions that provide insight into the lives of the people who once occupied the Workhouse.

Southwell Music Festival

Southwell is also known for its strong musical connections. The Southwell Music Festival takes place in late summer each year, showcasing classical musicians against the backdrop of the Southwell Minster and the neighboring Archbishop’s Palace. With a program of concerts and recitals, this elegant event attracts both new and established classical music enthusiasts. Bookwise, a charity used bookshop, is another must-visit for music lovers, offering a great range of books, sheet music, and CDs.

Things to Do and Places to Stay

Southwell offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors. If you’re in need of a delicious lunch, head to The Refectory inside the Southwell Minster grounds. With magnificent views that can be enjoyed from their patio area, the Refectory offers scrumptious tea and cakes.

For those looking to extend their stay, Southwell provides a range of accommodation options, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, and caravan parks. New Hall Farm Touring Caravan Park is a popular choice for those traveling with caravans. Lavender Cottage, a recently refurbished two-bed cottage located just a short walk from the town center, is another great option.


  1. What is Southwell known for?
    Southwell is known for its stunning Southwell Minster, Bramley apple heritage, and the Workhouse.

  2. When is the Bramley Apple Festival held?
    The Bramley Apple Festival takes place annually in late summer.

  3. What attractions are near Southwell?
    Near Southwell, visitors can explore the Southwell Minster, the Archbishop’s Palace, and the Workhouse.


Southwell is a town that seamlessly blends history, natural beauty, and cultural experiences. From exploring the Southwell Minster to indulging in the local Bramley apple festivities, there’s something for everyone in this charming Nottinghamshire town.

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