Where Is Remington Moving To In Georgia

where is remington moving to in georgia
where is remington moving to in georgia

Remington Arms, a renowned gun factory that has been in operation for over two centuries, is packing up its New York state facility and relocating to Georgia. This decision comes two years after the company’s new owners assured the public that they would remain in their current location. However, the impending move was recently announced to Ilion village Mayor John Stephens and the state Labor Department.

The factory in Ilion, New York is set to close down on March 4, 2024. While it is unclear how many employees will be offered positions at the new Georgia location, the current Ilion facility employs approximately 300 individuals—significantly fewer than the peak of over 1,000 a few years ago.

The news of Remington’s move to Georgia may not come as a surprise to some, as over the past few years, more and more firearms production models were transferred from Ilion to LaGrange, Georgia. Ilion Mayor John Stephens acknowledges that the pending move has been evident as the company gradually shifted its operations.

Remington’s Headquarters in Georgia

Remington officials had previously stated in an email that despite the headquarters being in Georgia, production and employment in Ilion were expected to increase. However, with the relocation of the entire gun factory, the future of the large brick building that has been a cornerstone of the village remains uncertain. Mayor Stephens is optimistic about finding tenants for the space, considering the growing demand for warehouse and light manufacturing areas. Additionally, nearby former industrial sites, such as the Duofold apparel plant, have attracted developer attention, adding to the potential opportunities for the building’s repurposing.

Remington’s Roller-Coaster Journey

Remington’s departure from New York marks another chapter in the company’s tumultuous history. Having filed for bankruptcy reorganization twice in a short period, Remington experienced shifts in ownership by private equity sellers and buyers. The company was previously owned by Cerberus Capital, a major investment fund, before being sold to new investors following the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting in 2012. The tragic incident prompted stricter gun laws in Connecticut and New York, resulting in Remington settling a lawsuit with the victims’ families for $73 million.

In their decision to establish their headquarters in Georgia, Remington officials cited New York’s firearms regulations, including a ban on assault-style weapons passed post-Newtown, as one of the reasons for their move. They acknowledged that Georgia’s business and firearms-friendly environment played a significant role in their choice.

Former New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo had assured Ilion’s Mayor Stephens that Remington would remain in the state, but the complexities of firearms politics and the perceived challenges posed by state laws may have ultimately influenced the company’s decision to relocate. This trend is not unique to Remington, as other firearms manufacturers, such as Smith & Wesson, have also chosen to leave their longtime homes due to perceived hindrances in their production capabilities.

The Legacy and Enduring Skills of Ilion’s Firearm Makers

Despite the outdated facility, Mayor Stephens firmly believes in the unmatched skills of Ilion’s firearms makers. He himself comes from a family connected to Remington, with his father having worked at the plant for 37 years. Stephens attributes his upbringing and the support provided by the company to countless families in the area for generations. The legacy of Remington in Ilion is rooted in the dedication and craftsmanship of its employees.


Q: How long has Remington Arms been in operation?
A: Remington Arms has been operating for over 207 years.

Q: How many employees currently work at the Ilion facility?
A: Approximately 300 employees work at the Ilion facility.

Q: Why is Remington relocating to Georgia?
A: Remington officials cited Georgia’s business-friendly and firearms-friendly environment as one of the main reasons for the relocation.

Q: What impact will the move have on Ilion, New York?
A: The move will result in the closure of the Remington Arms factory in Ilion, with the future of the building remaining uncertain.

Q: Are other firearms manufacturers leaving their longtime homes for similar reasons?
A: Yes, other firearms manufacturers, such as Smith & Wesson, have also chosen to relocate due to perceived hindrances in their production capabilities.


Remington’s decision to relocate its gun factory from New York to Georgia signifies a significant change for the company and the community of Ilion. While uncertainties remain regarding the future of the building and the impact on local employment, Mayor Stephens is optimistic about attracting new businesses to the area. Through this move, Remington continues its journey of adapting to evolving industry dynamics while honoring the legacy and craftsmanship of its longstanding employees. To stay updated on the latest news and information, visit Top Q&A.

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