Where Is My Train App

The Where is my Train app is a reliable and convenient Indian railway train companion app developed by Sigmoid Labs and its Affiliates. It allows users to easily track the status and time schedules of the Indian railway system, making travel planning much simpler.

How Does It Work?

Indian Railways, operated by the Ministry of Railways, is one of the most widely used land-based transport services in the country, with 18 zones and 70 divisions. Keeping track of train schedules can be challenging due to its extensive scope. This is where Where is my Train comes in handy.

The app provides real-time status updates, indicating whether a train is running or stopped, along with the latest time schedules. Users can also access additional information such as coach and seat arrangements and the designated platform number for boarding. The best part is that all this information can be viewed offline, eliminating the need for an active internet connection.

Users can set alarms to stay informed about the arrival and departure times of trains in their area. Additionally, the app allows users to share their train location and schedule with friends and family. It’s important to note that the app serves as a reference tool only and does not facilitate ticket purchases.

Why Is It Convenient and Reliable?

Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, trains are a common mode of transportation in India. The Where is my Train app simplifies the process of tracking train status and schedules, ensuring that you never miss a ride. Its convenience lies in its ability to provide real-time updates and offline access to information. With its reliable features, the app has become a trusted companion for Indian rail travelers.

Where Is My Train App


Can I purchase tickets using the Where is my Train app?

No, the Where is my Train app does not provide ticket purchasing functionality. It serves as a tool for tracking train status and schedules, offering convenience to users by providing essential information for their journey.

Is the app available for iOS devices?

Yes, the Where is my Train app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Users can download it from their respective app stores and enjoy its features on their preferred platform.


The Where is my Train app is a reliable and convenient solution for Indian rail travelers. With its real-time status updates, offline access to information, and easy-to-use features, it has become a go-to companion for those navigating the country’s expansive railway system. Try it out and make your train journeys smoother and more efficient.

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