Where Is Jamie Apody

where is jamie apody
where is jamie apody

Do you watch Action News on 6abc? Have you been wondering what happened to longtime sports anchor Jamie Apody? Here’s what’s up with her absence.

Life has been busy lately, and with the holidays, it’s easy to miss some changes on our favorite TV shows. But if you’re like me and you couldn’t help but notice the absence of Jamie Apody, the longtime sports anchor on 6abc’s Action News, then you’re not alone.

Jamie’s Disappearance

So, what happened to Jamie Apody? I did some digging and found that Jamie is still officially listed as part of the Action News team on 6abc’s website, along with other retired anchors. However, a recent post on her Instagram seemed to hint at something different.

On New Year’s Eve, Jamie shared a photo with her husband on Instagram, and the caption raised some eyebrows. She wrote, “2023? Don’t let the door hit you on your way out. To those of you who suffered loss this year – of a loved one, or a job, I see you. To those who dealt with illness, mental or physical, I see you. To those who feel alone… you’re not.”

Jamie Apody Instagram Post

This post, coupled with her previous birthday tribute to an Action News co-worker, has left fans wondering if Jamie Apody’s absence is more than just a vacation or a temporary leave.

Fans Express Concern

As an avid viewer of Action News, I have to admit that I’m disappointed if Jamie has indeed left the station. Her passion for Philly sports and her unique perspective as the first female sports anchor on Action News made her a beloved figure in the region.

Fans on social media have also expressed their concern and support for Jamie. Many are speculating about the reasons behind her absence, with some even suggesting ageism as a possible factor. While we cannot confirm these speculations, it’s clear that Jamie has left a significant impact on her viewers.

Jamie Apody Instagram Post

The Future of Jamie Apody

If Jamie Apody has indeed moved on from 6abc, I would like to take this opportunity to wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. I’m sure her talent, dedication, and passion will continue to shine wherever she goes.

As for us loyal viewers, let’s hope that we’ll see Jamie Apody back on our TV screens soon, sharing her insights and infectious enthusiasm for Philly sports.


Q: Has Jamie Apody left 6abc?
A: While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Jamie Apody’s recent social media posts have raised questions about her status at 6abc.

Q: Will Jamie Apody return to TV?
A: We can’t say for sure, but let’s remain hopeful that Jamie Apody will make a comeback in the future. Her talent and charisma have been missed by many viewers.


Jamie Apody’s absence from Action News has left fans curious and concerned. While her current status at 6abc remains unclear, one thing is certain: her impact on the world of sports reporting and her dedicated fanbase will not be forgotten. We wish Jamie all the best and hope to see her back on our screens soon.

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