Where Is Creighton University Located

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The Vibrant City of Omaha

Located in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska, Creighton University finds itself nestled in a city that offers much more than just academics. Omaha is a thriving metropolitan area, known for its lively atmosphere, cultural events, and sporting achievements.

Omaha skyline

Sports and Athletics

Creighton University takes pride in its athletic programs, which compete at the NCAA Division I level. The university fields 14 teams across eight sports, including basketball, soccer, and volleyball. The men’s basketball team, playing in the impressive 18,000-seat CHI Health Center Omaha, consistently earns bids to the NCAA Tournament. Meanwhile, the men’s and women’s soccer teams showcase their skills in the 7,500-seat Morrison Stadium, having also participated in the NCAA Tournament on multiple occasions. Additionally, Creighton’s volleyball team is highly regarded and consistently ranked among the nation’s best.

Exciting Events Beyond Athletics

Omaha embraces a wide range of events, not limited to Bluejay athletics. One notable occasion is the annual College World Series, held at downtown’s Charles Schwab Field. This baseball tournament attracts sports enthusiasts from around the country. Omaha has also had the honor of hosting four U.S. Olympic Swim Trials, showcasing the city’s ability to accommodate major sporting events.

For those seeking local sports entertainment, be sure to catch a game of the Omaha Storm Chasers, the Triple-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. Additionally, the Omaha Lancers USHL hockey team promises an action-packed experience for ice hockey enthusiasts.


Q: What division does Creighton University’s athletic teams compete in?
A: Creighton University fields 14 NCAA Division I teams, showcasing their commitment to high-level competition.

Q: Where does Creighton’s men’s basketball team play their home games?
A: The men’s basketball team plays their home games at the 18,000-seat CHI Health Center Omaha, providing an incredible atmosphere for fans.

Q: Is Creighton University’s volleyball team highly ranked?
A: Yes, Creighton’s volleyball team is regularly ranked among the best in the nation, representing the university’s dedication to excellence in sports.


In conclusion, Creighton University is located in Omaha, Nebraska, a vibrant city that offers a multitude of experiences beyond academics. With impressive athletic programs, including the renowned men’s basketball team and successful soccer and volleyball teams, Creighton continues to make its mark on the national sports scene. Additionally, Omaha’s hosting of major events such as the College World Series and U.S. Olympic Swim Trials further enhances the city’s appeal. Discover Creighton University’s academic excellence and the exciting opportunities Omaha has to offer!

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