Where Is Charles Barkley

where is charles barkley
where is charles barkley

Charles Barkley, one of the beloved co-hosts of TNT Sports’ Inside the NBA, has been a staple of the show for years. However, there has been speculation about who might replace him when he eventually retires from television. While Barkley is still expected to be a part of the network for the foreseeable future, TNT Sports is already considering potential successors.

TNT Sports’ Search for a Replacement

According to Craig Barry, the Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer for Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, the parent company of TNT Sports, they want Barkley to be happy and enjoy his life. When he feels it’s time to move on, the network wants to be prepared. They already have people in mind whom they believe would make for interesting replacements.

Barkley’s Career Outlook

At 60 years old, Barkley recently signed a lucrative 10-year, $100 million deal to continue analyzing NBA games on TNT. However, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, he expressed doubt about finishing the contract, stating that he has no intention of working when he’s 70. Barkley’s charisma and unique perspective have made him a fan favorite, but he understands that eventually, his time on the show will come to an end.

Charles Barkley

Potential Candidates

Although TNT Sports has not revealed any specific candidates, they have previously utilized current analysts or players for on-air roles. Draymond Green, the controversial Golden State Warriors forward, has been mentioned as a possible successor to Barkley. While the network has not confirmed any names, it’s clear that whoever takes over will bring a different energy to the show.

TNT Sports Goes International

TNT Sports’ Inside the NBA quartet, including Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson, will now be seen on the other side of the Atlantic. TNT Sports recently obtained NBA rights for the UK and Ireland, expanding their reach to a growing audience in these regions. This move demonstrates the league’s commitment to global expansion and diversifying its viewership.


Will Charles Barkley be leaving TNT Sports soon?

No, Barkley is expected to continue as a co-host of Inside the NBA on TNT Sports for the time being. However, TNT Sports is actively considering potential replacements for when Barkley decides to retire from television.

Who could replace Charles Barkley on Inside the NBA?

TNT Sports has not disclosed specific candidates. However, they have previously used current analysts or players in on-air roles, and Draymond Green has been mentioned as a potential successor.


While Charles Barkley’s retirement from Inside the NBA on TNT Sports may be inevitable, the network is already preparing for the future. They have individuals in mind who they believe would bring an interesting dynamic to the show. Barkley’s replacement will undoubtedly bring their own unique perspective, creating an exciting transition for viewers. TNT Sports remains committed to delivering an engaging and progressive show, both domestically and internationally.

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