When Is Tucker Carlson Putin Interview

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently participated in a more than two-hour interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The interview, which was released online, covered various topics, including Ukraine and the Russian economy. However, it didn’t provide much new information.

During the interview, Putin admitted that Russia has not achieved its war aims in the widely condemned invasion of Ukraine. He also gave a historical speech, mentioning Catherine the Great. Carlson expressed his admiration for Putin’s speech but questioned its relevance.

The interview was conducted in Russian, with translation provided by Carlson’s show. Details about the circumstances of the interview are still unknown. Putin did not rule out the possibility of releasing jailed Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich but suggested that the U.S. would need to make a deal.

Overall, the interview did not reveal groundbreaking information but provided insights into Putin’s views on various subjects. Let’s delve deeper into the key highlights of the interview.

Putin’s Perspective on Ukraine and Russia-U.S. Relations

Putin stated that Russia wants the U.S. special services to contribute to the goals they are pursuing, suggesting an ongoing dialogue between the two countries’ special services. He also mentioned his good personal relationship with former U.S. President George W. Bush and former President Donald Trump. According to Putin, the future of U.S.-Russia communication does not depend on a specific leader but rather relies on broader factors.

Carlson’s Pro-Russia Stance and Criticisms

During the interview, Carlson echoed his previous pro-Russia stance, questioning U.S. support for Ukraine and criticizing the Ukrainian government. This aligns with his past statements and criticisms of U.S. policies. Carlson’s visit to Russia and his interview with Putin have been met with criticism, particularly from Ukrainians who see him engaging with Putin while their country is being attacked.

Carlson’s Background and Putin’s Perception

It’s important to note that Carlson was fired from Fox News and has positioned himself as an independent journalist. Despite Carlson’s claims of being the only Western journalist willing to interview Putin, the Kremlin indicated that Carlson was chosen precisely because of his pro-Russia stance on the Ukrainian conflict. Carlson has also been featured on Kremlin propaganda channels since leaving Fox News.


Q: When was the Tucker Carlson Putin interview released?
The Tucker Carlson Putin interview was released online recently, although the specific date has not been provided.

Q: Did the interview provide any new information?
While the interview covered various topics, it did not reveal groundbreaking information and was largely consistent with Putin’s previous statements.

Q: How did Carlson’s visit and interview with Putin receive criticism?
Carlson faced criticism for engaging with Putin while Russia continues to attack Ukraine. Ukrainians questioned why Carlson did not focus on Russia’s actions and their impact on civilians.

Q: Why did the Kremlin choose Carlson for the interview?
The Kremlin chose Carlson because of his pro-Russia stance on the Ukrainian conflict, which aligns with Putin’s perspective.


The Tucker Carlson Putin interview provided insights into Putin’s views on Ukraine, Russia-U.S. relations, and other topics. While it didn’t offer groundbreaking information, the interview highlighted Carlson’s pro-Russia stance and drew criticism from Ukrainians. It is important to approach Putin’s statements with caution, considering his track record of propaganda and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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