When Is 2093 Dropping

when is 2093 dropping
when is 2093 dropping

Are you eagerly awaiting Yeat’s highly anticipated studio album, 2093? Well, the wait might finally be over! In this article, we will delve into what we know about the album’s release date and other exciting details. So, let’s get started!

Everything We Know About Yeat’s Upcoming Album ‘2093’

After the release of his third studio album, AftërLyfe, in February 2023, Yeat initially announced a Deluxe album. However, he later mentioned in a now-deleted tweet that he plans to work on a completely different album instead.

During an interview with Berlin-based 032c magazine, Yeat compared 2093 to his previous work, stating that it feels like a ten-album difference in time. He also mentioned that people have no idea what it’s going to sound like and described it as a “dystopian society.”

Adding to the excitement, Yeat rebranded his record label from “Rich Twizzy Entertainment” to “Lyfestyle Corporation.” Since November 2023, Lyfestyle Corporation has been actively promoting 2093 on its official Instagram account, building deeper lore behind the album’s meaning.

The album appears to revolve around a “dystopian society,” as indicated by various posts on Lyfestyle Corporation’s Instagram. From hidden cameras and spy technology to a serum that promises eternal life, Yeat’s album delves into futuristic technologies.

Promotional projections featuring the number “2093” have been spotted in major cities worldwide. The album’s official roll-out began with projections on iconic attractions such as Big Ben and the Hollywood sign. These projections, along with Yeat’s Instagram posts, have sparked speculation about possible collaborations with Drake and Childish Gambino.


Q: When is 2093 dropping?
A: While Yeat’s recent Instagram posts hint at a release soon, the exact drop date remains uncertain. However, Yeat promised to deliver 2093 to fans this February, so the wait may soon be over.

Q: Can you share the tracklist for 2093?
A: Yes! Yeat recently shared the final tracklist for 2093 on his Instagram story. It includes 22 songs, such as “Psycho CEO,” “Breathe,” “ILUV,” and “Team ceo.” The full tracklist can be found on Yeat’s Instagram.


As fans eagerly anticipate the release of Yeat’s 2093 album, the artist continues to tease and excite his audience with cryptic posts and enigmatic imagery. Although the exact drop date remains unknown, it seems that the album is on the horizon. Stay tuned for further updates on Yeat’s exciting musical journey.

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