When Does The Voice Start In 2024

when does the voice start in 2024
when does the voice start in 2024

Are you eagerly awaiting the return of the hit reality singing competition, The Voice, in 2024? If so, you’re not alone! Fans from around the world are excited to see what the upcoming season has in store. Wondering when the new season of The Voice will begin? Read on to find out!

The Voice Season 24 Finale Recap

In the exhilarating Finale episode that aired on December 19, 2023, the top contestants showcased their incredible talent. As the competition drew to a close, the results were finally unveiled. Here’s a quick recap of the final rankings:

  • Fifth Place: Lila Forde
  • Fourth Place: Jacquie Roar
  • Third Place: Mara Justine
  • Second Place: Ruby Leigh
  • First Place: Huntley

That’s right, it was Huntley who emerged victorious as the winner of The Voice Season 24! With an extraordinary voice and captivating stage presence, Huntley captured the hearts of millions and secured the coveted title.

When Will The Voice Return in 2024?

Anticipation is building for the next season of The Voice. While an exact date for the commencement of Season 25 has not yet been announced, you can expect the show to be back in action sometime in 2024. The producers and casting team are diligently working behind the scenes to deliver another unforgettable season filled with breathtaking performances and nail-biting moments.

Stay tuned to Top Q&A for the latest updates on The Voice Season 25 premiere date. We’ll keep you informed as soon as the official announcement is made.

The Voice


What can we expect from The Voice Season 25?

As each season of The Voice brings its own unique flavor and surprises, Season 25 will undoubtedly offer a fresh lineup of talented contestants and superstar coaches. From emotional performances to unexpected twists and turns, this popular reality show never fails to deliver unforgettable moments.

How can I audition for The Voice?

If you dream of showcasing your vocal abilities on The Voice, visit our Top Q&A platform for detailed information on how to audition. We provide valuable resources and insights to help aspiring singers navigate the audition process and increase their chances of success.


The Voice Season 24 culminated in a thrilling finale, crowning Huntley as the deserving winner. As we eagerly await the return of The Voice in 2024, make sure to stay connected with Top Q&A for the latest updates on Season 25. Get ready to embark on another incredible journey filled with astounding talent and inspiring stories.

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