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“My Heart Will Go On”: A Musical Evaluation Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” from the Titanic soundtrack, offers an exquisite instance of how musical parts may be used to replicate the emotions of the lyrics. The highpoint of the textual content comes in direction of the top, with the stanza that begins “You’re here. There’s nothing I fear” (Jennings, line 23).

The that means line of this line contrasts with the opening of the refrain, “Near, far, wherever you are” (Jennings, line 7), because the speaker has moved from acknowledging her separation from her true like to the conclusion that her real love will without end reside in her heart. Musically, this transformation in perspective is signaled by the shape, melody, concord, tone shade, dynamics, texture, tempo, and rhythm.The type of this track is a modification of a normal verse-chorus type. After an introduction, we hear the verse.

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Within the verse, the melody is heard two instances, with a special textual content every time. The refrain seems instantly after the verse and includes a completely different melodic line that is heard twice with two completely different texts. After a bridge, we hear one other verse (similar melody, completely different textual content) and one other assertion of the refrain (similar melody, similar textual content). One other bridge leads right into a remaining assertion of the refrain which ends the track.

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This remaining refrain is exceptional in that the textual content is completely different from the 2 previous choruses. Using the identical refrain melody for a special textual content highlights the completely different standpoints of the speaker from the start of the track to the top.Two distinct melodies are used on this track, one for the verses and one for the refrain. The verse melody doesn’t comprise loads of melodic movement; relatively, it consists largely of repeated notes with modifications in pitch to emphasise phrases.

For instance, within the first verse [“Every night in my dreams / I see you, I feel you, / That is how I know you go on” (Jennings, lines 1-3)], pitch modifications solely happen on the phrases “my,” “see,” “I feel you,” “know,” and “on.” The refrain melody comprise rather more melodic movement, with the melodic highpoint occurring within the first line of the refrain (on the second syllable of the phrase “wherever”). The elevated melodic movement appears to spotlight the emotional impression of the refrain and its important textual content change on the finish.The concord within the track is consonant, and just a few completely different chords are used.

The verses finish not with a way of closure, however relatively with a sense that harmonic development is not completed. The refrain, nevertheless, ends with a transparent feeling of arrival, and due to this fact it is smart that the track ends with a restatement of the refrain. Earlier than the final look of the refrain, the music modifications key, and the pitch rises considerably. These modifications spotlight the emotional impression of the textual content change.

The high-pitched devices corresponding to flutes and violins give this track a heat and brilliant tone shade. These devices have an nearly vocal high quality about them, and due to this fact they appear to work with the voice in conveying the that means of the textual content.By way of dynamics, the track begins piano, and there is a gradual crescendo with the loudest half coinciding with the ultimate assertion of the refrain. The crescendo is achieved in two necessary methods.

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First, the devices merely play louder. Second, devices are added to the feel. The primary verse and refrain options primarily the voice, keyboard, and strings, with a little bit of tambourine and flute. Within the second verse and refrain, guitar, drums, and different voices are added.

Although there are different devices taking part in, the feel is closely dominated by the vocal melody. Within the verses, the devices play chords that accompany the melody. Within the refrain, the strings play a countermelody. This countermelody is extra advanced with every assertion of the refrain and emphasizes the build-up to the track’s ending.

By way of rhythm, this track is in duple meter, and the tempo is andante. The track turns into extra rhythmically advanced from the start to the top. Within the first verse and refrain, the keyboard performs lengthy chords that underline the melody, however within the second verse and refrain, the keyboard is rather more rhythmically energetic, taking part in notes of shorter period. Likewise, the percussion part (aside from the tambourine) is largely absent from the primary verse and refrain, however further percussion devices seem within the second verse and refrain.

These further devices present extra rhythmic exercise and, like all the different musical parts, give the track a way of drive to the triumphant ending. Works Cited Jennings, Will. “My Heart Will Go On.” Retrieved June 12, 2009 fromhttp://www.lyricsfreak.com/c/celine+dion/my+heart+will+go+on_20028558.html.

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