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Heineken is liked by beer drinkers all around the world for its wealthy and refreshing taste. However have you ever ever questioned how the corporate bought its begin, or the way it ensures its beer at all times tastes nice? The Cheat Sheet not too long ago bought the chance to journey to Amsterdam and be taught extra about what’s behind the star, and within the course of, we realized so much in regards to the firm’s historical past, its beer-making course of, and the way it recreates the identical nice taste in each bottle. Right here’s a have a look at 5 enjoyable information you in all probability didn’t learn about Heineken.

1. The founder of Heineken knew little or no about beer

Gerard Heineken was 22 years outdated when he took over De Hooiberg, a brewery that had been round for the reason that seventeenth century, on February 16, 1864. Previous to the acquisition, the brewery was struggling, however Gerard didn’t let this, or his lack of information in regards to the trade, dissuade him from displaying curiosity in buying it. Heineken: The Brewery in Amsterdam, by Marielle Hageman, states: “Heineken knew very little about beer, as he himself recognized, but that according to the commissioners, need be no obstacle; he would learn the profession soon enough.” And he did. Regardless of his lack of trade information, Gerard went on to create a really profitable enterprise.

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2. Heineken beer accommodates solely 3 elements

Willem van Waesberghe, the worldwide craft and brew grasp at Heineken, describes Heineken beer as refreshing, with a steadiness of bitterness and fruity notes — notably banana. This taste is achieved by solely utilizing three pure elements: water, malted barley, and hops, Heineken explains. Previous to brewing, barley grain should be malted, which entails changing grain into malt by soaking it in water and permitting it to germinate. This course of helps give beer its distinct taste.

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Heineken describes hops as “the flavor-makers of beer,” including that it additionally extends beer’s shelf life. As a result of virtually 95% of beer is water, it performs an essential function. As well as, solely clear, high-quality water is used, thus making certain the beer has nice taste.

3. Heineken created a particular yeast for its beer

Ever questioned what’s chargeable for Heineken’s wealthy taste and aroma? Heineken explains that the beer’s nice taste is the end result of A-Yeast. In response to Heineken: The Brewery in Amsterdam, Gerard arrange a lab in 1886 and left the chemist Dr Hartog Elion in cost of discovering a pressure of yeast to make use of in Heineken beer. Elion, together with French chemist Louis Pasteur, cultivated two pure strains of yeast: the Heineken A-yeast and the D-yeast. In autumn 1886, Heineken brewed its beer utilizing the A-yeast, and it was a hit. Heineken: The Brewery in Amsterdam states that in 1889, the beer obtained a gold medal on the Paris World Exhibition.

Van Waesberghe explains that A-yeast remains to be utilized in its beer in the present day, including that the “yeast strain gives the unique taste to the beer.”

4. Heineken tweaks its recipe yearly

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Heineken has a primary recipe that it follows for every of its batches of beer, however with the intention to get the very same taste yearly, the recipe should be tweaked on an annual foundation. Van Waesbergh explains that it is because each harvest season is completely different. The beer wants the very same quantity of sugars in each harvest, however since every rising season creates a special harvest, the quantity of barley used should be tweaked. “It’s not about the recipe, it’s about the original taste,” says Van Waesbergh.

5. The corporate makes use of horizontal fermentors

Many beer corporations use vertical fermentors, however Heineken makes use of horizontal tanks as an alternative. Van Waesbergh notes that horizontal tanks are costlier as a result of they take up more room, however it’s price it as a result of the fermentors assist give the beer its taste. In response to Heineken, the corporate found horizontal tanks create the proper stress for its A-yeast, which is crucial to getting the beer’s wealthy, balanced taste.

“We used to keep our horizontal fermentors a secret,” Van Waesbergh mentioned, “but we wanted to start talking about it so consumers know. We’re proud of the beer we’re making.”

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