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November 15, 2011 at 10:11 AM

I used to be supposedly listening to the world’s ugliest music. Mathemeticians used the identical prime quantity theories that developed unpatterned pings for sonar expertise to take away any sense of sample from composition. All 88 keys have been systematically used, however in a method that none of them created any semblance of sample, in interval or rhythm. Sure, it takes up a selected period of time, is composed of tones, is carried out on a stage, and may be replicated.

However is it music? Once I listened to it, I thought of how I used to be feeling. Did it conjure up any specific emotion? None that I may consider, actually. It did not actually remind me of something, both, and often, music jogs my memory of one thing or offers an impression: it has shapes, colours or tells a narrative, maybe. This piece positively lacked plot. No battle or pressure could possibly be resolved. The one method you possibly can inform it was reaching the tip could be in case you have been to to rely all 88 notes in anticipation. Every notice spoke as its personal entity, unassociated with the encircling notes, typically spaced sparsely, and typically in teams.

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I took a stroll with George, exploring concepts because the snow squeaked beneath our toes. The unpatterened notes, may they maybe remind me of stars? Stars showing one after the other in the night time sky? However even the celebs seem in order of brightness, so not precisely. Does it have any shapes? If something, I would say the piece in its entirety had the form of… flat. Okay, so flat, however was it textured? Like this snow? No. It was not easy; it was scumbled, like these tire tracks-but tire tracks repeat patterns.

Is unpatterned music actually ugly? Missing form, shade, feeling and patterns it might have been, however ugly takes you in a course, away from that which is lovely. In the event that they wished to create the world’s ugliest music, they must dispose of the attractive components. They must change devices, as a result of even a single notice on a pleasant piano holds a specific amount of magnificence. An unsightly piece would should be performend on an unsightly instrument, like one in all our summer season camp’s clunkers. And secondly, they would want a piece crew child to play it, as a result of the present performer evidently has ability. Ability is a factor of magnificence.

I thought of work crew youngsters banging on clunker pianos in the eating corridor whereas I used to be making an attempt to bake in the course of the summer season. Their music was a lot uglier, principally as a result of it often consisted of a number of folks banging away directly with no obvious ability or need to create a musical phrase by any means. No, they appeared hell-bent on destruction more often than not after they sat on the keys and pounded. I’d say unpatterened, however in case you closed your eyes, you possibly can see elbows and fist shapes in the notice clusters, and sometimes the banging had a rhythmic sense to it. The chaos had authorship, in the type of the untrained, abusive fingers and limbs of labor crew youngsters.

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Then I believed concerning the one camper just a few years in the past who had a psychological incapacity. (I am unsure what it was, precisely.) He liked to play the piano, and though his model of playing consisted of grabbing random notes everywhere in the keyboard, he did it in such a method that they soothed the soul and set the listener in a trance. George and I’d sit and hear in serenity, and I needed to rethink my inclination to guage music’s worth by its brilliance. His was precious as a result of it so intimately related us with the expressions of his soul, which had its personal component of magnificence.

Every of those examples accommodates a kind of human thumbprint, and though not very musical, they nonetheless revealed one thing concerning the one playing, and so it communicates to the listener. So, music is partly outlined by its capability to speak. Birds, for instance, make music as a result of their phrases are repeatable, include particular tones, and are used to speak (i.e. territorial possession, courtiship).

Although unpatterned music did not talk something to me, I could not cost it with ugliness. Its meaninlessness set a impartial scape that begged my thoughts to go in search of the form of music. Bouncing off concepts and examples, it got here again to me with a clearer image than earlier than I would listened to it. Immediately, in revelation, I ended in my tracks and laughed out loud. “Amazing, George! Simply amazing!” Might it’s mere coincidence that this piece, composed utilizing the identical rules used to create sonar, brought about my thoughts to understand in the darkness and obtain a greater scape of music? I do not assume so.

Prime quantity concept strikes once more.


Good evaluation!

I’ll add that once I listened to it final week, what I observed was that I stored reacting thus, “I thought I already heard that note” which I spotted is as a result of (1) I haven’t got “perfect pitch” and (2) that pitches or intervals close to one another even when not the identical, would have some reflection: in different phrases I used to be making an attempt to sample it utilizing my very own computerized means, and so in impact, it was quasi-patterned in my expertise.

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Relative to Shostakovitch, it was flat. It wasn’t unhappy, or morose, or miserable, or despairing, or vaulted, or exhalted, or ethereal. It was impartial. That is the way it felt. Very fascinating. I had the same response once I listened to it. Not ugly…as a result of even ugliness can have a sure magnificence. Not fairly. Impartial. Precisely. And, sure, like Invoice, I felt my mind making an attempt to prepare the sounds as I listened…and failing. It was very completely different from my expertise, say, when listening to Ligeti’s Poeme Symphonique for 100 metronomes, which was crammed with advanced and altering rhythmic patterns and was alternatively mesmerizing, boring, humorous, and even insanely suspenseful because the metronomes step by step slowed and stopped, till just one defiant metronome was left. Most individuals would not classify Ligeti’s piece as music (and I do not know how I’d classify it), however in retrospect, and in comparability, it was a lot extra like music than the ugly music piece…so, if pressed, I suppose I would need to take random over patternless… I heard a really acquainted sample. It seemed like most fashionable music. Very excessive notes mixed with very low notes. What they name garbage. The Yamaha keyboard is trash with excessive notes. I`ve heard a lot sweeter sounds on an previous Bluthner. The participant made some expressions as if he was injecting some feeling. Simply out of behavior? It demonstrated the drawbacks of pianos greater than something. You might need loved a violin model. Would vibrato be allowed for that ? This music is not solely random, however goes past randomness in that there are not any patterns to be discovered. The era of a really random set of numbers is tough (it is is often initially finished by non-mathematical procedures) and the set will, by definition, be affected by little scraps of recognizable sample. A pseudorandom set is generated by a mathematical algorithm and has its personal fingerprint which can give a cryptanalyst an entry right into a decryption course of.

Nevertheless, this “ugliest” music additionally has a hidden signature, or fingerprint, in that it is generated by a number of mathematical algorithms that lie as an invisible layer beneath it. I’m wondering if, as we understand in listening to this music that it lacks any sample by any means, we will change into subconsciously conscious that there is “something else” there other than the notes. If a violin piece have been to be generated overlaying, say, not more than the primary 3 octaves then I believe it has the potential to be no much less enticing than a few of the higher atonal or 12-tone system. It could definitely be a chance for the performer’s personal inventive interpretation – a real tabula rasa to work on, in truth. I sit up for the primary posting of such a bit on YouTube by “HenriVieuxtemps” 🙂 I have to be an engineer, I really loved it in a bizarre kind of method. I couldn’t anticipate what would come subsequent, so merely listened and stayed in the second. It is not usually I’ve the chance to do exactly that. I am sufficiently impressed that I am planning to put in writing a novel composed of random phrases. 😉 He brat purchased howl somewhat splurge effecient cowl leather-based spleen.

(No, I did not use a method, so there’s certain to be some random affiliation in there.)

I believe it’s best to make investments in a program to hurry your progress. Then you possibly can boast genuine ping expertise. That sort of stuff sells. “He brat bought howl rather splurge effecient cowl leather spleen.”_______________

I agree, and am deeply moved. I believe Joyce might need been utilizing that program when he wrote Finnegans Wake:

Hark! Tolv two elf kater ten (it might probably’t be) sax. Hork! Pedwar pemp foify tray (it have to be) twelve. And low stole o’er the stillness the heartbeats of sleep.

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