What is most likely to cause someone to fall overboard


In accordance to United States Coast Guard’s leisure boat statistics, 299 boat accidents involving falling overboard had been reported in 2019. 63% of those accidents resulted in loss of life, whereas the others precipitated severe accidents.

Whereas falling overboard could appear uncommon, such accidents rank fifth of all leisure boating accidents recorded within the U.S. in 2019. Understanding the cause of why individuals fall overboard is essential in boating security.

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The most likely cause of falling overboard is standing up whereas the boat is shifting. When a ship is shifting it is extra likely to be swayed forwards and backwards by boat waves or tough water. This causes individuals on small boats to lose their stability and fall overboard.

Whereas individuals nonetheless fall overboard from giant boats, cruise ships, and so on., it a uncommon prevalence, and the most widespread cause is not standing when the boat is shifting. In most instances, such falls are linked to alcohol or common carelessness.

Why would someone stand when the boat is shifting?

Whereas widespread sense dictates that you just should not stand when the boat is shifting, why do some individuals take the chance? There are a couple of underlying explanation why individuals ignore the boat security guidelines.

I. Fishing

It is quite common for anglers to be standing when they’re fishing. They will transfer their rod round freely when they’re standing, and battle fish simpler.

Sadly, this could additionally cause some sudden “man overboard” occasions. That is why we suggest that each one anglers put on a licensed PFD (private fl when fishing. You may usually see professionals carrying computerized inflatable life jackets.

II. Intoxication

Extreme alcohol and drug consumption are to blame for a lot of overboard falls. In truth, 40% of all overboard falls are linked to alcohol consumption. Alcohol and medicines are identified to impair considering and cause poor judgment. The probability of an intoxicated individual standing whereas the boat is shifting is greater than these of a sober individual.

III. Recklessness/carelessness

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Different overboard falls are simply out of pure carelessness. An individual might determine to stand whereas they’re in a dashing boat to put up a “show” on social media, impress others, and so on. Actions which might be thought-about reckless on a ship embrace, however aren’t restricted to, climbing railing when a ship is shifting, recreating dangerous appearing such because the well-known Titanic film scene, and taking footage in precarious positions.

What to do instantly when someone falls overboard?

The possibilities of rescuing someone who has fallen overboard are greater if motion is taken instantly. It is vital to know if the individual has fallen into chilly water or heat water.

Listed here are some vital steps to observe.

1. Name for Assist

In case you witness someone falling overboard, shout for assist instantly to alert different passengers or occupants. If the fall is severe sufficient, others might have to name the u.s. coast guard to assist with the overboard state of affairs.

2. Regulate the one who has fallen overboard

After elevating the alarm, ensure you observe the one who has fallen or instructs others to accomplish that. This step is essential since someone who falls overboard is certain to swim or be on the mercy of waves.

If the individual fell into chilly water, you will want to be sure that they’re alert and acutely aware. It is essential to hold observe of their place always.

3. Throw a Life Ring or Life Jacket

Proceed by throwing a life ring, life jacket, or the rest overboard to assist the individual float.

Life rings are a Sort IV PDF and are brightly coloured, making it simpler to see the sufferer. A reaching pole/help may work. The concept is to make sure the sufferer has one thing to seize onto earlier than they’re pulled out of the water.

4. Flip Again the Boat / Cease the Boat

If the watercraft is shifting quick, you might want to flip again. If not, the boat ought to be stopped to rescue the individual. For big boats that may’t be turned simply, a life raft or smaller boat can be utilized to save the sufferer. This precaution can forestall propeller accidents when a operating boat is too shut to the sufferer.

5. Carry the Individual Again Aboard

When pulling the sufferer right into a small boat, watch out not to put an excessive amount of weight on one aspect of the boat. Doing this may end up in capsizing which is able to flip into an excellent greater rescue mission.

In case you’re on a sailboat, it is finest to deliver the individual to the strict of the sailboat. Most pontoon boats could have a ladder on the aspect the individual can climb up.

What ought to I do if I fall overboard?

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Assuming you’re the one who by chance falls overboard, what must you do?

Keep Calm. Suppose Constructive

Many profitable rescuing makes an attempt are made attainable as a result of the sufferer stayed calm and did as they need to in such a state of affairs.

Float as a substitute of Swimming

In case you fall distant from the shore, do not waste your power swimming. As an alternative, strive to float. It is simpler to recollect your self and breathe simple if you end up floating. You additionally avoid wasting much-needed power floating.

It is best to know the fundamentals of floating earlier than stepping into any boat. Furthermore, it is attainable to float for 29 hours+ and face up to dehydration, storms, sea creatures, and so on., as you wait to be rescued.

Precautions to keep away from falling overboard

Since standing up in a shifting boat is the primary cause of falling overboard, it is best to;

SIT OR SUPPORT YOURSELF WHEN STANDING IN A MOVING BOAT: Boaters should observe a common rule – sitting down or making certain one or each arms are holding firmly on handholds for assist when standing. It’s additionally advisable to use different assist comparable to toe rails to keep away from falling.

AVOID DECKS DURING WINDY WEATHER: Different precautions embrace avoiding boat decks throughout unhealthy climate. Wind can enhance waves and create instability on decks. Even in case you are holding firmly on handholds and toe rails, your probability of falling overboard in windy climate is greater.

NEVER GET INTOXICATED IF IT WILL LAPSE YOUR JUDGMENT: If you cannot drink reasonably with out compromising your judgment, keep away from consuming in any respect whereas on a ship. Everybody that boards a ship ought to adhere to this precaution.

NEVER ENGAGE IN RECKLESS BEHAVIOR: Whereas it might be tempting to recreate the titanic pose for social media or have interaction in different dangerous conduct to impress individuals, perceive the hazards first. It is also vital to spend money on non-slip footwear in case you should stroll on moist boat flooring. Additionally, do not sit on pedestal chairs, fish from a shifting boat with out the fitting gear, and assist or decrease an anchor when you are sitting within the bow.


You might be most likely to fall overboard in case you are standing up in a shifting boat. As mentioned above, there are a number of causes which will make an individual need to arise when a ship is shifting. Recklessness and intoxication are among the many predominant causes for individuals participating in harmful conduct. Psychological issues are additionally to blame. To keep away from by chance falling overboard, boaters ought to sit when the boat is shifting or have the mandatory assist and footwear if they need to arise. It additionally helps to keep away from dangerous conduct.

If the inevitable occurs and someone falls overboard, increase the alarm, hold your eyes on the sufferer, throw them a life ring after which flip off the boat and rescue them. In case you fall overboard, keep calm and concentrate on floating fairly than swimming as you wait to be rescued.

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