What Is Hopper

The Hopper travel app is revolutionizing the way users find the best travel deals, focusing on flights and accommodation. Launched in 2014, Hopper sets itself apart by predicting trends in flight and hotel prices, helping users identify the optimal time to travel within their budgets.

Why Should You Know About the Hopper App?

Hopper, which primarily appeals to young people, is the most downloaded travel app in North America, with over 75 million bookings made through the platform. As the future core demographic for all hotel businesses, it’s important for hoteliers to understand that Hopper is where many young travelers turn to book their trips.

How to Use the Hopper Travel App

One of the keys to Hopper’s success is its user-friendly interface. Here are some of the app’s most popular features and how to utilize them:

Hopper Flights

This feature scours the internet for the most affordable flights available. Simply input your departure and destination cities, along with the approximate travel dates, and Hopper will present you with the best deals using a color-coded calendar. Hopper boasts a 95% accuracy rate in predicting flight prices up to a year in advance.

Hopper Rental Cars

Similar to the flight feature, Hopper Rental Cars collects rental options from over 180 car hire brands. It presents users with various options after they provide basic location, date, and time information.

Hopper Hotels

Tell Hopper Hotels where and when you plan to travel, and it will display a curated selection of hotel rooms from its vast inventory of over 2 million accommodation options. This feature also incorporates price prediction technology, notifying users if it’s a good time to book and allowing them to monitor price fluctuations.

Hopper Homes

Hopper Homes offers an extensive range of 2.5 million vacation rentals worldwide. Users can explore various vacation rental options while also earning Carrot Cash back on Hopper Homes bookings, which can be worth up to 5% of the total booking price.

Setting Up Notifications

Hopper’s ability to predict travel prices is one of its standout features. Users can take advantage of this by setting up notifications for selected hotels and flights. When the price of a monitored flight or hotel drops, users will receive a push notification instantly.

Hopper App: Pros and Cons for Small Hotels

If your hotel is listed on Hopper, you might be wondering whether you should actively promote the app to potential guests. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Hopper App Pros

  • A Large Audience: Over 75 million people have already used Hopper, making it a wise move for hoteliers to tap into this ever-growing user base.
  • Simplified Booking Process: Hopper prioritizes user experience, making it the preferred booking option for many travelers.
  • No-Cost Perks: Guests who book through Hopper can earn Carrot Cash, which doesn’t cost the hotelier anything.

Hopper App Cons

  • Budget-Oriented: Hopper tends to attract travelers looking for the lowest prices, potentially resulting in lower profit margins for hotels.
  • No Direct Listing: Independent hotels cannot list directly on Hopper, limiting their ability to secure direct bookings.
  • Additional Middleman: As a metasearch engine, Hopper sits between hotels and guests, taking a portion of the booking fee as its commission.

Is the Hopper App Free?

Absolutely! The Hopper app is free for users to download. Similar to other metasearch engines, Hopper earns a commission on bookings made through its platform. Hoteliers don’t deal directly with Hopper, so they don’t have to worry about paying the commission fee. It will be deducted from the commission charged by the booking channel used by the guest for their reservation.

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The Hopper travel app offers an innovative and convenient way for users to find the best travel deals. Its features, such as flight price predictions and a vast inventory of accommodations, make it a popular choice among young travelers. While Hopper presents both advantages and disadvantages for small hotels, it remains a valuable platform to consider for expanding reach and attracting new guests.

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