What Is German For Short

Have you ever wondered what the German word for “short” is? Whether you’re learning the language or just curious about different translations, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will explore the German equivalent of “short” and provide some additional resources to help you expand your German vocabulary. So, let’s dive in and discover how to say “short” in German.

German Translation for “Short”

In German, the word for “short” is “kurz”. This versatile adjective can be used to describe a variety of objects, people, or situations. Just like in English, you can use “kurz” to describe the length of something, such as a piece of clothing or a conversation. For example, “kurze Haare” translates to “short hair,” while “kurzes Kleid” means “short dress.” Additionally, you can use “kurz” to express brevity or a short duration, like “kurzer Film” for “short film” or “kurze Pause” for “short break.”

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Q: How do you say “short” in German?

A: The German word for “short” is “kurz.”

Q: Can “kurz” be used to describe people?

A: Yes, you can use “kurz” to describe a person’s height or stature in German. For example, “Er ist sehr kurz” translates to “He is very short.”

Q: Are there any alternative translations for “short” in German?

A: While “kurz” is the most common translation for “short,” you may come across regional variations or synonyms depending on the context.

Q: Are there any other resources to learn German?

A: Absolutely! If you’re looking to expand your German vocabulary, you can explore our Top Q&A platform, which offers a wide range of articles and comprehensive answers to various language-related questions.


In conclusion, the word for “short” in German is “kurz.” This versatile adjective can be used to describe the length of objects, people, or situations, as well as to express brevity or a short duration. If you have any more questions about the German language or need assistance with any other translation, feel free to explore Top Q&A for comprehensive answers and resources. Happy learning!

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