What Happened To Wendy Williams

what happened to wendy williams
what happened to wendy williams

Through the years, Wendy Williams has been a prominent figure, known for her honest opinions and on-air confrontations. However, her journey has been filled with personal and health struggles.

Battling Health Issues

Williams has faced various health challenges, including her decade-long battle with cocaine addiction during the early years of her career. More recently, she has dealt with Graves’ disease, hyperthyroidism, and other physical ailments.

Turbulent Marriage

Another topic that has drawn attention is Williams’ marriage. Allegations of her now-ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, living a double life and being unfaithful plagued their relationship for years. In March 2019, Hunter fathered a child with another woman, leading Williams to end their 21-year marriage. Their divorce was finalized in January 2020.

Current Status

Despite their tumultuous past, Williams maintains a connection with Hunter as they co-parent their son, Kevin Jr. While they are no longer together, she keeps the lines of communication open, acknowledging his role as Kevin Jr.’s father.

Films Portraying Her Life

Williams’ life story was recently explored in a Lifetime biopic called “Wendy Williams: The Movie,” which aired in January 2021. Accompanying the movie was a documentary titled “Wendy Williams: What a Mess.” The films served as a “breakup project” for Williams, providing an opportunity for her to reflect on her past and move forward.

Embracing Growth

Williams emphasized that she has accepted her growth and has outgrown her relationship with Hunter. Despite the reported scandals, she has no regrets about meeting and marrying him. Williams sees her past experiences as valuable lessons that have shaped her into the person she is today.

Opening Up About Troubling Past

In both the biopic and the documentary, Williams courageously shared intimate details about her life, including being a survivor of sexual assault and her struggles with substance abuse. Additionally, she discussed her miscarriages before giving birth to her son in 2000. By sharing her experiences, Williams hoped to provide comfort to others who may have gone through similar situations.

Through it all, Wendy Williams has demonstrated resilience and a commitment to her personal growth. Her journey continues to inspire and educate others, reminding them that they are not alone in their struggles.


Q: Where can I watch the Lifetime biopic “Wendy Williams: The Movie?”
A: You can watch the biopic on the Lifetime network or check for availability on their official website.

Q: What is Graves’ disease?
A: Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid gland, leading to an overproduction of thyroid hormones.

Q: Is Wendy Williams still hosting her talk show?
A: As of the time of writing, Wendy Williams is still hosting her talk show titled “The Wendy Williams Show.”


Wendy Williams has faced numerous challenges throughout her life, from battling addiction to navigating a complex marriage. However, she has shown resilience and a willingness to share her experiences to help others. Through films and her talk show, Williams continues to inspire and connect with her audience, proving that growth and self-acceptance are essential in overcoming adversity. For more insightful articles and answers to your burning questions, visit Top Q&A.

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