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Followers of standard Paramount Community sequence “Yellowstone” are eagerly awaiting the upcoming fourth season of the present.

The wait is anticipated to come to an finish this summer season, with a possible season 4 launch a while round June. Whereas that’s nonetheless a number of months away, “Yellowstone” followers take consolation in figuring out their favourite present grows nearer every day. To tide themselves over, a number of of the present’s trustworthy are taking to on-line message boards and social media to discuss the present.

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Followers of the sequence love to speculate on how season 4 will play out shifting ahead. A lot of them use previous references and hidden clues in earlier seasons to predict what’s in retailer for his or her favourite characters. Whereas the are some wild “Yellowstone” theories on the market, a few of the hypothesis is solely attainable.

As well as to hypothesis, some followers take to message boards and social media to ask questions on the present. In its first three seasons, “Yellowstone” has positively raised its justifiable share of questions with out solutions simply but.

On-line Message Boards are Filled with ‘Yellowstone’ Theories

One attention-grabbing query relating to the present just lately popped up on on-line neighborhood web site Reddit. A poster on the web site asks a query many people are pondering and that’s “what happened to the Dutton family helicopter?”

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The helicopter was featured prominently in the first season and a few in the second season. Then it simply kind of vanished from the Yellowstone Ranch with out a point out. The query has led to just a few attention-grabbing theories.

Reddit person da_skeeter belives the Duttons may have offered the helicopter to assist out by monetary hardship.

“I imagine that if they really are strapped for cash to pay property tax that would be the first thing he sells,” the poster says. “A pilot and a helicopter are a luxury.”

The Duttons are certainly a bit of strapped for money as the ranch makes little or no in the approach of revenue. Although he was provided $500 million for his land by Market Fairness, John Dutton appears like he’ll go down swinging to maintain his property. May the helicopter have been offered in an effort to recoup monetary loss? It’s an attention-grabbing principle to say the least.

Theories Abound Relating to ‘Missing’ Helicopter

One other Reddit person suggests the Duttons don’t really personal a helicopter, however as an alternative lease one as wanted. If this principle is true, the Duttons will need to have one heck of a invoice to pay for renting the automobile. It’s a believable principle for certain, however there isn’t a lot proof to assist it. Particularly contemplating it’d be fairly outlandish to have your ranch emblem painted onto a rental.

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One more Reddit person believes the helicopter was merely written off the present due to the value of getting one on set. Helicopters definitely should not low-cost and there’s no telling how a lot present producers paid for the flying scenes. May the helicopter have been taken out of the present in an effort to minimize value on manufacturing?

This person additionally theorizes that the helicopter was carried out to set up the Dutton Households’ social standing. Clearly, should you personal your helicopter — you’re doing fairly effectively for your self.

The Reddit poster, altiuscitiusfortius, says the helicopter has accomplished it’s job to reveal simply how highly effective the Duttons are. The poster additionally cites one other closely standard sequence for example.

“Its done its job,” the poster explains. “But it makes filming expensive so they don’t like to use it. Like how game of thrones stopped showing direwolves after a few seasons.”

So, what do you suppose happened to the Duttons’ helicopter? Will it reemerge in the fourth season? If not, will the present clarify simply what happened to it?

With the anticipate the new season rising ever nearer, we received’t have to wait for much longer for reply.

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