What Happened To Nelson Thomas

what happened to nelson thomas
what happened to nelson thomas

Nelson Thomas, known for his appearances on MTV’s “Are You the One?” and “The Challenge,” has recently faced some challenging times. After a near-fatal car crash earlier this year, Thomas had to undergo multiple surgeries due to an ankle injury. However, the healing process did not go as expected, leading to the possibility of amputation.

The Accident and Ankle Injury

In March, Nelson Thomas was involved in a serious car accident that left him trapped in a burning vehicle. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Minnesota Vikings player K.J. Osborn and three other strangers, he was rescued from the fiery wreckage. Unfortunately, Thomas suffered an ankle injury in the accident, which required surgery and months of recovery.

A Troubled Recovery

Despite undergoing several surgeries, Thomas’s ankle failed to heal properly, causing him significant pain and limitations. In an emotional Instagram video in September, he revealed that the bone had broken again, and the previous procedures had not been successful. This left him with two options: considering amputation or undergoing ankle fusion surgery, a procedure that fuses the ankle bone into one piece.

Exploring Different Options

Seeking a solution that would avoid amputation, Thomas sought multiple opinions from specialists. Ultimately, he decided to try stem cell therapy as an alternative. In an Instagram update, he expressed his gratitude to those who supported him and announced his plans to travel to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for the treatment.

The Journey Continues

Nelson Thomas remains determined to overcome his challenges and move forward. After making his decision, he expressed his appreciation for his doctor and shared his excitement about the upcoming procedure on social media. Although his path to recovery has been arduous, Thomas’s resilience and perseverance shine through.


1. Who is Nelson Thomas?

Nelson Thomas gained recognition through reality TV shows such as “Are You the One?” and “The Challenge.” He has competed in multiple seasons of the latter but has yet to secure a victory.

2. What happened to Nelson Thomas?

Thomas was involved in a near-fatal car crash earlier this year, resulting in an ankle injury that required extensive surgeries. Unfortunately, the healing process did not go as planned, leaving him with the possibility of amputation.

3. What treatment options did Nelson Thomas consider?

After consulting with specialists, Thomas decided to explore stem cell therapy as an alternative to amputation.

4. What is the current status of Nelson Thomas’s recovery?

Thomas is preparing for the stem cell procedure in Mexico, hoping that it will provide the solution he needs to avoid amputation. His journey towards recovery continues.


Nelson Thomas’s journey following his car accident has been filled with challenges and uncertainty. However, his determination to find alternative solutions and pursue different treatment options demonstrates his strength and resilience. As he embarks on the next phase of his recovery, we wish him the best and hope for a successful outcome.

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