What Does FLDS Stand For?

what does flds stand for
what does flds stand for

The Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) has gained significant attention in recent years. However, many people are still curious about the beliefs and lifestyles of this polygamist sect. In this article, we will explore some interesting facts about the FLDS.

The FLDS Is Different from Modern Day Mormon Church

The FLDS is a radical polygamist sect that originated from the Mormon Church, formally known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, over a century ago. The FLDS ancestors separated from the Mormon Church due to differences concerning the practice of polygamy. [^1^]

FLDS Community

The FLDS Home Base Is on the Arizona-Utah Border

The FLDS community, known as “The Creek,” is located in Colorado City, Arizona, and Hildale, Utah. These twin towns straddle the state lines and are estimated to be home to approximately 10,000 people. [^2^]

FLDS Followers Believe Warren Jeffs Is Their “Prophet” Even Though He Is in Prison

Warren Jeffs assumed leadership of the FLDS community after his father’s death in 2002. Despite being currently incarcerated for sexually assaulting two girls, one of whom was a 12-year-old he considered to be his wife, many FLDS members still view Jeffs as their “Prophet.” Some believe he continues to control the church from prison. It is rumored that he has as many as 70 wives. [^3^]

Warren Jeffs

FLDS Members Are Supposed to Constantly Pray for Warren Jeffs

FLDS followers are expected to pray for Warren Jeffs to escape from prison. Former member Joe Broadbent revealed that FLDS members are instructed to stop whatever they are doing and pray for Jeffs every hour of the day. This practice puts immense pressure on the community, leading them to fast and abstain from eating for three days at a time. [^4^]

Warren Jeffs Decides Who Marries Who

According to Warren Jeffs, an FLDS wife’s role is to obey her husband and bear children. Many former female members claim they were forced to marry at a young age, often marrying distant cousins. Jeffs exerts control over the marriages within the community. [^5^]

FLDS Women Are Required To Wear Prairie Dresses and Don’t Cut Their Hair

FLDS women wear prairie dresses that cover their bodies from neck to ankles. They believe their bodies are sacred temples that should not be exposed. Additionally, they never cut their hair as they believe they will need it in heaven to wash men’s feet as an act of anointing. [^6^]

Most Forms of Entertainment Are Banned

Warren Jeffs introduced a series of strict rules upon gaining power, resulting in the banning of various forms of entertainment within the FLDS community. Dogs, toys, television, newspapers, the internet, birthday and Christmas celebrations, festivals, parades, camping, and fishing are all prohibited. These restrictions were used as a test of faith and served to strengthen the members’ devotion to Jeffs. [^7^]

FLDS Schools Teach that Warren Jeffs is President of the United States

The public school in the twin towns, which recently reopened, was closed for 13 years upon Jeffs’ order. FLDS families were instructed to homeschool their children using additional teachings from FLDS leaders, including Jeffs himself. Among the teachings is the belief that Warren Jeffs is the president of the United States. Former members also claim that FLDS schools taught them that the moon landing never occurred because Neil Armstrong was guided away from it by God. [^8^]

The Church Has a Bunker-Like Network of Tunnels

At the northern end of the FLDS community, there is an abandoned man-made cave known as a bunker. Over half a century ago, a network of tunnels was drilled 100 yards deep into the mountainside to protect the FLDS from potential government raids. [^9^]


Q: How did the FLDS originate?

A: The FLDS emerged as a splinter group from the Mormon Church due to disagreements over the practice of polygamy.

Q: Who is Warren Jeffs?

A: Warren Jeffs became the leader of the FLDS community and is considered their “Prophet.” He is currently serving a life sentence in prison for charges related to sexual assault.

Q: What are some of the strict rules imposed by Warren Jeffs within the FLDS community?

A: Warren Jeffs banned various forms of entertainment, including dogs, toys, television, newspapers, the internet, birthday and Christmas celebrations, festivals, parades, camping, and fishing.

Q: Are FLDS members forced into arranged marriages?

A: Yes, Warren Jeffs decides who marries whom within the FLDS community, and many former female members claim they were forced to marry at a young age.

Q: What is the significance of FLDS women wearing prairie dresses and not cutting their hair?

A: FLDS women believe that their bodies are sacred and should be covered. They wear prairie dresses and avoid cutting their hair, as they believe it will be needed for anointing in heaven.


The Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) is a polygamist sect that broke away from the Mormon Church over a century ago. Guided by their leader, Warren Jeffs, the FLDS members adhere to strict rules, including arranged marriages, dress codes, and the banning of various forms of entertainment. While the FLDS has faced controversy, these facts provide insights into the unique beliefs and practices within the community.

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