What Color Was The Gatorade 2024

The Super Bowl is known for its exciting moments both on and off the field. One of the most anticipated traditions is the Gatorade shower that the winning team’s coach receives. Fans love to speculate on the color of the Gatorade that will be poured, and Super Bowl 58 was no exception. In this article, we will explore the color of the Gatorade shower in 2024 and dive into some interesting facts about this iconic Super Bowl tradition.

The Color of the Gatorade Shower

Update: Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid appeared to not take a Gatorade shower, but a late video revealed that the color of the Gatorade was purple. This marks the second consecutive Super Bowl where the Chiefs used purple Gatorade for the celebration. In Super Bowl 54 against the San Francisco 49ers, Reid was drenched in orange Gatorade. The color of the Gatorade shower is always an exciting element of the Super Bowl celebration, and it seems like purple has become a favorite choice for the Chiefs.

The Fun of Gatorade Betting

The Super Bowl is more than just a game – it’s a betting extravaganza. From the opening coin toss to the length of the national anthem, there are numerous prop bets that fans can wager on. One of the most entertaining bets is predicting the color of the Gatorade that will be spilled on the winning team’s coach.

Super Bowl 58 and Gatorade Showers

Super Bowl 58 featured a showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kansas City’s head coach, Andy Reid, is well-acquainted with the Gatorade shower tradition. As the reigning Super Bowl champions, Reid and the Chiefs won the Lombardi Trophy in 2020 and experienced the joy of a Gatorade bath. In 2020, Reid was hit with orange Gatorade, while the previous year brought purple Gatorade. It seems that each year brings a new color for Reid and the Chiefs.

On the other side, the San Francisco 49ers have a rich Super Bowl history, with five victories to their name. However, they haven’t tasted victory since 1995. The winning coach, George Seifert, didn’t receive a Gatorade shower in their last triumph against the San Diego Chargers. The Niners have come close to winning in recent years, making it to the Super Bowl in 2013 and 2020, but fell short on both occasions.

Colors of Gatorade Through the Years

The color of the Gatorade shower has been tracked since 2001 when the Baltimore Ravens won and yellow Gatorade was poured on head coach Brian Billick. Over the years, certain colors have been more prevalent than others. According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the odds for the Gatorade colors in 2024 were as follows:

  • Purple (+225)
  • Yellow/Green (+300)
  • Orange (+300)
  • Blue (+350)
  • Red (+350)
  • Clear (+1000)
  • No Gatorade bath (+1600)

Historically, orange has been the most common color, appearing five times. It is closely followed by a three-way tie between clear, none, and blue, which have all appeared four times. Surprisingly, red has never been the color of choice for the Gatorade shower. However, if the Kansas City Chiefs were to win, it could potentially be a nod to their star fan, Taylor Swift.


The Gatorade shower has become an iconic part of Super Bowl celebrations, adding an extra element of excitement and surprise to the game. Whether it’s purple, orange, yellow, or another unexpected color, fans eagerly await the moment when the winning coach gets drenched in Gatorade. The Gatorade shower has become so popular that it has even inspired betting opportunities, making the Super Bowl experience even more thrilling for fans everywhere.

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