What Channel Is Fs2 On Spectrum

what channel is fs2 on spectrum
what channel is fs2 on spectrum

Are you having trouble finding the right channel for FS2 on Spectrum? You’re not alone. FS2 is often located further away from FS1 on the Fox Sports channel lineup, making it a bit challenging to locate. But fret not, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of all the channels where you can watch FS2 on Spectrum.

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Spectrum Fox Sports 2 Channel Guide

Here’s a handy guide to help you find FS2 on Spectrum in different locations:

  • Los Angeles: Channel 401
  • San Diego: Channel 401
  • Anaheim: Channel 401
  • Long Beach: Channels 408, 873
  • Bakersfield: Channels 127, 1127
  • Reno: Channel 808
  • Corpus Christi: Channels 95, 401
  • San Antonio: Channel 401
  • Austin: Channel 401
  • El Paso: Channels 95, 401
  • Dallas: Channels 286, 708
  • Birmingham: Channels 428, 1428
  • Montgomery: Channels 307, 827
  • Lexington: Channel 552
  • Louisville: Channel 552
  • Charlotte: Channel 401
  • Durham: Channel 401
  • Raleigh: Channel 401
  • Indianapolis: Channels 428, 1428
  • Milwaukee: Channel 328
  • Kansas City: Channel 401
  • Columbus: Channels 48, 552, 1552
  • Cincinnati: Channel 328
  • Cleveland: Channels 328, 1328
  • New York: Channel 401
  • Albany: Channel 401
  • Buffalo: Channel 401

FS2 Spectrum Channel (CA/NYC)

In California and New York, you can find FS2 on Spectrum using Channel 401. In cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and Anaheim, tune in to Channel 401 to catch all the sporting action on FS2. For Long Beach, the channels to watch are 408 and 873, and for Bakersfield, it’s 127 and 1127.

Where To Watch Fox Sports 2 In Texas

For most of Texas, FS2 can be found on Channel 401. However, in Dallas, the channel numbers for FS2 are 286 and 708. Additionally, in Corpus Christi and El Paso, there is a lowered numbered FS2 channel, Channel 95, which is close to Fox Sports 1. Channel 401 is also the right channel number for FS2 in several other cities.

Other Channels For FS2

If you’re a Spectrum subscriber, another common channel to find FS2 is Channel 328. This channel is the right choice for Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. Cleveland residents also have the option to tune in to Channel 1328. In Kentucky, cities like Lexington and Louisville, Channel 552 is where you can catch FS2.


Finally, there are a few places with random channel numbers for FS2:

  • Reno: Channel 808
  • Birmingham: Channels 428, 1428
  • Montgomery: Channels 307, 827
  • Indianapolis: Channels 428, 1428
  • Columbus: Channels 48, 552, 1552

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  1. How can I find FS2 on Spectrum?
  • FS2 can be found on various channels depending on your location. Refer to the guide above to find the correct channel number in your area.
  1. Can I watch FS2 in Texas on Spectrum?
  • Yes, in most of Texas, FS2 can be found on Channel 401. However, in Dallas, the channel numbers for FS2 are 286 and 708.
  1. Are there any other channels where I can watch FS2 on Spectrum?
  • Yes, Channel 328 is another common channel for FS2 on Spectrum. It can be found in cities like Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.


Finding FS2 on Spectrum can be a bit tricky, but with the channel guide provided, you’ll have no trouble tuning in to your favorite sports on FS2. Remember, if you’re looking to save money on your TV bill, consider switching to Fubo for significant savings. Happy watching!

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