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Two years into Sea of Thieves, the world is crammed with varied and varied treasures for adventurous pirates to discover! Extra Buying and selling Firms have come to the seas, too!

Most treasures can solely be offered at one corresponding Buying and selling Firm, however others can be offered to virtually any Buying and selling Firm!

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For pirates who’ve simply washed ashore within the Sea of Thieves, it can be tough holding monitor of what goes the place. Bumbling aimlessly across the Outposts can imply misplaced time. If there’s an enemy close by, it can imply misplaced treasure.

That’s the place this little information is useful. A fast “ctrl-f” search, and you’ll be effectively in your approach.

Aye, that’s as a result of right here we’ve listed out each treasure you’ll discover all through the seas, and which Buying and selling Firm will settle for such treasure in alternate for Gold Cash—and generally for Doubloons!

So, if you—or your crew—are struggling to know what goes the place. Come on over! We’ll level you in the fitting path.

The Gold Hoarders are on the lookout for any chests and artifacts you discover alongside your travels within the Sea of Thieves. Chests comprise gold and they’re referred to as the Gold Hoarders in spite of everything!


You can sell virtually each chest attainable to the Gold Hoarders. Whether or not they be of the Ashen or Cursed variant, the Gold Hoarders will gladly take them off your fingers!

You can sell the next chests to the Gold Hoarders:

  • Castaway’s Chest
  • Seafarer’s Chest
  • Marauder’s Chest
  • Captain’s Chest
  • Ashen Castaway’s Chest
  • Ashen Seafarer’s Chest
  • Ashen Marauder’s Chest
  • Ashen Captain’s Chest
  • Skeleton Captain’s Chest
  • Stronghold Chest
  • Chest of a Thousand Grogs
  • Chest of Sorrow
  • Chest of Rage

There are exceptions although! The Gold Hoarders is not going to settle for a Reaper’s Chest, Reaper’s Bounty, Field of Wondrous Secrets and techniques or any of the Tall Story chests.


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The Gold Hoarders are additionally wanting to buy any Artifacts that you have come throughout. Whether or not or not it’s an inexpensive Mysterious Vessel or an costly Peculiar Relic, the Gold Hoarders need it!

You can sell the next artifacts to the Gold Hoarders:

  • Historic Goblet
  • Bronze Secret-Keeper
  • Mysterious Vessel
  • Ornamental Coffer
  • Elaborate Flagon
  • Silvered Cup
  • Gilded Chalice
  • Ornate Carafe
  • Golden Reliquary
  • Adorned Receptacle
  • Opulent Curio
  • Peculiar Relic
  • Roaring Goblet
  • Brimstone Casket
  • Satan’s Remnant
  • Magma’s Grail

The Order of Souls solely search one treasure on the Sea of Thieves…skulls!

Bounty Skulls

If you discover a cranium whereas you are plundering the seas, you can assure the Order of Souls have an interest. You can sell virtually each cranium discovered within the Sea of Thieves to the Order of Souls, no questions requested!

You can sell the next skulls to the Order of Souls:

  • Foul Bounty Cranium
  • Disgraced Bounty Cranium
  • Hateful Bounty Cranium
  • Villainous Bounty Cranium
  • Ashen Foul Bounty Cranium
  • Ashen Disgraced Bounty Cranium
  • Ashen Hateful Bounty Cranium
  • Ashen Villainous Bounty Cranium
  • Skeleton Captain’s Cranium
  • Stronghold Cranium
  • Gold Hoarder’s Cranium

The 2 exceptions are the Cranium of Historic Fortune and the Villainous Cranium of Historic Fortune. They’re solely bought by the Mysterious Stranger.

Whether it is in a crate of some type, you can guess the Service provider Alliance need it!

Captured Animals

Chickens, Pigs and Snakes, oh my! All three varieties of wildlife discovered on land within the Sea of Thieves are of curiosity to the Service provider Alliance. Deliver any captured variant of hen, pig and snake and they’ll gladly pay you for it.

You can sell the next animals to the Service provider Alliance:

  • White Feathered Rooster
  • Crimson Speckled Rooster
  • Black Plumed Rooster
  • Golden Rooster
  • Pink Pig
  • Pink & Black Noticed Pig
  • Black Coated Pig
  • Gold Striped Pig
  • Crimson Striped Snake
  • Blue Dappled Snake
  • Black Scaled Snake
  • Golden Snake

Crates and Gunpowder Barrels

Nearly each form of crate you can discover within the Sea of Thieves will go to the Service provider Alliance. Similar goes for Gunpowder Barrels!

You can sell the next crates and gunpowder barrels to the Service provider Alliance:

  • Wooden Crate
  • Cannonball Crate
  • Fruit Crate
  • Firebomb Crate
  • Ammo Crate
  • Crate of High-quality Sugar
  • Crate of Uncommon Tea
  • Crate of Unique Silks
  • Crate of Beautiful Spices
  • Crate of Historic Bone Mud
  • Crate of Volcanic Stone
  • Crate of High-quality Ore
  • Crate of Extraordinary Minerals
  • Crate of Valuable Gems
  • Crate of Luxurious Fabric
  • Crate of Rum Bottles
  • Crate of Crops
  • Rag & Bone Crate
  • Gunpowder Barrels
  • Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels

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The one crate you can not sell to the Service provider Alliance is the Crate of Legendary Voyages. It’s legendary so meaning it goes to the legendary Mysterious Stranger. Equally, the one gunpowder barrel you can not sell to the Service provider Alliance is the Keg of Historic Black Powder.

The Mysterious Stranger shouldn’t be on the lookout for simply your common treasure washed up on the seaside. No, the Mysterious Stranger is on the lookout for historical treasure! Treasure that was created and positioned within the Sea of Thieves lengthy earlier than our time!

You can sell the next treasures to the Athena’s Fortune:

  • Chest of Legends
  • Ashen Chest of Legends
  • Chalice of Historic Fortune
  • Gilded Relic of Historic Fortune
  • Cranium of Historic Fortune
  • Villainous Cranium of Historic Fortune
  • Crate of Legendary Voyages
  • Keg of Historic Black Powder

The Reaper’s Bones will take any piece of treasure you can discover! Yep, that’s proper! Each piece of treasure we listed above can be offered for revenue to the Reaper’s Bones. There are just a few extra treasures we haven’t talked about but which might be unique to the Reaper’s Bones.

You can additionally sell the next treasures to the Reaper’s Bones:

  • Reaper’s Chest
  • Reaper’s Bounty
  • Field of Wondrous Secrets and techniques
  • Emissary Flag
  • Humble Reward
  • Beneficiant Reward

Mermaid Gems can be offered to any of the Buying and selling Firms apart from Athena’s Fortune. The Mysterious Stranger shouldn’t be thinking about Mermaid Gems. That’s fantastic although. It simply means for gems for the opposite Buying and selling Firms!

The Mermaid Gems that can be offered are:

  • Sapphire Mermaid Gem
  • Emerald Mermaid Gem
  • Ruby Mermaid Gem

Collector’s Chests can even be offered to any of the Buying and selling Firms apart from Athena’s Fortune. They have to be empty earlier than you can sell them although so ensure to crack them open and sell their contents first!

Sure, your pleasant neighborhood Bilge Rat Duke is on the lookout for sure loot {that a} pirate may come throughout whereas crusing the ocean. You can all the time discover him within the Tavern on any Outpost within the Sea of Thieves!

The treasures that can be offered to Duke are:

  • Ashen Tomes
  • Ritual Skulls
  • Ashen Chests

With every bit of treasure lined, you will probably be a imply, lean, promoting machine! No extra wandering the Outpost questioning the place to sell an unfamiliar piece of treasure to. Good luck in your future adventures pirates!

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