Superb Owl: What We Do In The Shadows

the vampires of what we do in the shadows hold a "greetings owl" sign

It’s going to be a weird weekend. Well, even weirder than usual in the pandemic hellscape that has become the American experience. The Super Bowl is happening, somehow. But let’s face it, throwing a party to watch the big-budget commercials framed by a sports game (I believe it involves some sort of ball played with feet?) and eat nachos doesn’t sound like the best idea right now. So, what are we to do?

In fact, celebrating the Super Bowl at all now feels absolutely absurd, and honestly, I’ve never related more to the vampires of “What We Do In The Shadows”. I would much rather celebrate the Superb Owl.

Now, even before the pandemic, I often felt like a vampire from another century in many social situations. But right now, the idea of the Super Bowl seems insane. Talking about owls feels much more reasonable. Why is this happening? What is sports? Wouldn’t you rather look at an owl fly majestically through the sky instead of downs and tackles and scrimmages? That’s all the football I know.

I mean, just look at them! They are truly superb!

Owls: Majestic and Fascinating Creatures

Snowy Owl

Owls are not only magnificent in their flight but also have an enchanting presence. The Snowy Owl, for example, with its snowy white feathers, is a sight to behold. Observing it in its natural habitat can be a perfect way to appreciate nature’s beauty.

Owls: Nature’s Perfect Predators

Short Eared Owl

Owls may look cute and charming, but they are also exceptional hunters. With their sharp talons and hooked beaks, they can exert immense pressure, making them formidable predators. While football might be exciting, it can’t compare to the thrill of witnessing an owl in action.

Owls: Hilarious and Entertaining

Funny Owl

Owls have a comedic side too, which aligns perfectly with the vibe of “What We Do In The Shadows”. They can exhibit amusing behaviors that will leave you in stitches. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a little laughter along with their dose of murder?

Celebrate the Superb Owl

Saw-whet Owl

I hope these images have convinced you to celebrate the superb owl this weekend. Whether you choose to admire their beauty, marvel at their hunting skills, or simply enjoy their comedic antics, owls offer a delightful alternative to the Super Bowl festivities. Just remember, like vampires, owls don’t fare well in direct sunlight, so keep the shades down if you decide to invite these nocturnal creatures over.

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Q: Why is celebrating the Superb Owl better than the Super Bowl?
A: Celebrating the Superb Owl offers a unique and alternative way to enjoy the weekend without the need for large gatherings and potential health risks associated with the Super Bowl festivities. Plus, owls are fascinating creatures that provide a refreshing change of pace from traditional sports.

Q: Can you provide more information about owls?
A: Absolutely! Owls are nocturnal birds of prey known for their silent flight, incredible vision, and exceptional hunting skills. They come in various species, each with its own unique characteristics. Owls have been the subject of folklore and mythology for centuries due to their mysterious and captivating nature.


So, this Super Bowl weekend, why not break away from the usual routine and celebrate the superb owl? Whether you’re enchanted by their majesty, intrigued by their hunting prowess, or simply appreciate their comedic side, owls offer a delightful and captivating alternative to the mainstream festivities. Embrace the allure of these nocturnal creatures and experience a weekend like no other.

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