Lancashire Crisps Where To Buy

lancashire crisps where to buy
lancashire crisps where to buy

Have you ever wondered where to get your hands on some delicious Lancashire crisps? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the story behind Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps and reveal where you can buy them.

The Crisps That Started with a Dream

Potato-growing has been a tradition in John Fiddler’s family for generations. However, the men of the clan had always dreamt of making something more with their potatoes. John recalls his dad telling him stories of how his granddad wished he could have made crisps. During breaks in the fields, they would enjoy a packet of crisps, and John’s granddad would say, “I’ll make crisps one day.”

From Dream to Reality

As time passed and small-scale farming became more challenging, John couldn’t shake off the idea of creating salty snacks. He knew they had the knowledge to grow excellent potatoes, so he delved into research to find out more. Finally, he made the decision to pursue his crisps venture. Turning to his dad, he asked, “Have we got what it takes to make crisps?” And that was the turning point.

Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps: A Passionate Creation

In 2011, Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps was born. Small batches of crisps were hand-cooked in sunflower oil by John, his brother, or his dad, affectionately known as Big Bob. The first bite of these crisps was nothing short of magical, as John describes it. It reminded him of the excitement of Christmas morning as a child. Even now, the joy of starting each day, switching on the fryer, and knowing they are doing a fantastic job continues to fuel their passion.

A Range of Flavors Rooted in Lancashire

Since their humble beginnings, the range of Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps has expanded. However, they have remained true to their roots, keeping their flavors local. From the unique taste of Lancashire Sauce and the classic combination of Lancashire cheese and onion to the simple yet satisfying sea salt and Lancashire vinegar, each flavor is crafted with care. Whether you’re bagging them for a break in the fields or enjoying them elsewhere, these crisps are sure to please your taste buds.

Where to Buy Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps

Now that your mouth is watering for these delectable crisps, you’re probably wondering where to buy them. Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps can be found in various local stores and online retailers. To ensure you get your hands on these flavorsome snacks, visit the Top Q&A website for a comprehensive list of places to purchase Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps.


Q: Are Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps available internationally?
A: Currently, Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps are primarily available in the UK. However, they may be available through select international retailers or online platforms.

Q: Can I order Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps directly from their website?
A: Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps does not currently offer direct online ordering through their website. However, you can find links to online retailers on the Top Q&A website.

Q: Do Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps offer any gluten-free options?
A: Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps are made from potatoes and natural ingredients. However, it’s always best to check the packaging or reach out to the manufacturer for specific dietary information.


Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps is a testament to the dreams and dedication of the Fiddler family. With their expertise in growing potatoes and their passion for creating the perfect crisp, they have crafted a range of flavors that are loved by many. Whether you’re in the fields or simply craving a delicious snack, Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps are a must-try. Visit the Top Q&A website to discover where you can buy these delightful crisps and experience the taste of Lancashire for yourself.

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