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The iconic style of the CC Beanie was thrust into popularity for its comfortable and stylish take on the traditional knit beanie. CC hats’ meaning is an abbreviated form of ‘Cheveux Corp’, a French phrase that translates to ‘body of hair’. After the product was licensed from the original CC beanie company, the trend of popularity spread like wildfire.

CC beanies are recognized as a cable knit design, generally made of either natural or artificial wool. With thick horizontal ribs, the cable style of these hats sets them apart. While the CC beanie is generally of a fixed material, the styles and colors offered are diverse. From ponytail beanies to bold hues, there is a suitable CC beanie for every need.

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As with all hats, the main factors are comfort, airflow, insulation, and aesthetic appeal. Broken down here are the coolest CC beanie hats for women to provide comfort, warmth, and the iconic style associated with these knit beanie hats.

What Does C.C Beanie Hats Stand For?

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‘Cheveux Corp’, a French phrase that translates to ‘body of hair’ is the symbol of C.C symbols found on every C.C beanies, often on a leather-brown patch sewn on the edge of a beanie. The popularity of these beanies has grown since the product was licensed from the original CC beanie company.

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The secret is that these beanies can transcend the season and become a year-round accessory, which is very useful because many stylish and fashionable models do not have to be stored when the winter is over.

They have a comfortable, aesthetic, and soft appeal that will delight anyone, and are characterized by their rib stitch pattern that is interrupted with garter stitched cable stripes. There are other ways of knitting, but this one is most recognizable as C.C beanie.

How to Spot a Fake C.C Beanie?

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When wondering how to spot a fake CC beanie, the best solution is to look for the iconic ‘CC’ tag which was licensed by the original creators. Though many options emulate the spirit of the CC beanie, for those seeking the authentic experience, those two letters denote a reliable source. These top ten beanies highlight the best options for CC beanie style, showing options that are suited to any style and personality.

Also, Make sure your C.C beanie has an “R” symbol that indicates that the product is a registered trademark.

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Final Thoughts

C.C beanies are very comfortable and soft and come in many colors, shapes and different stitch patterns so make sure you choose the ones you like. They will complement your wardrobe with its stylish cozy look.

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