How Tall Is Dwight Howard

how tall is dwight howard
how tall is dwight howard

The NBA’s new regulations on reporting accurate heights have led to some surprising revelations. Players like Kevin Durant have been found to be slightly taller than their previously listed height, while many players have been found to be shorter by an inch or more. Among them is Marvin Bagley, who was initially listed at 6’11” but is actually 6’8″, a difference of three inches. The Lakers’ Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis also saw a decrease in their listed height.

Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis Shorter Than Previously Listed Height

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, both Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis, who were previously listed at 6’11”, lost slightly over an inch due to the new regulations. Their height was adjusted to 6’9 3/4″. While there had been speculations about Howard’s actual height, the news about Davis surprised many. Despite being listed at 6’11”, Davis is actually not close to being a seven-footer, falling about three inches short.

Dwight Howard

This change in height doesn’t significantly impact Howard and Davis, as they are experienced veterans with successful NBA careers. The Lakers’ frontcourt may have slightly shrunk, but they still possess the talent and depth to compete against teams with dominant big men like the Denver Nuggets or Philadelphia 76ers.

Lakers Set for Final Preseason Showdown vs. Warriors

The Lakers have had a successful preseason, with a 3-2 record, securing all three wins against the Golden State Warriors. Their big men, including Anthony Davis, JaVale McGee, and Dwight Howard, have performed exceptionally well against the Warriors’ depleted frontcourt. This trend is expected to continue given the absence of Kevon Looney and Willie Cauley-Stein due to injuries.

Anthony Davis

However, it is important to note that the Warriors are also missing other key players like Klay Thompson. The number of injuries within the Warriors’ roster makes it difficult to assess where the Lakers truly stand against top NBA competition. Furthermore, the Lakers had two preseason losses against the Brooklyn Nets, which were played under tense political circumstances in China.

Therefore, the Lakers’ final preseason game against the Warriors should be seen as a dress rehearsal for opening night. It will provide a glimpse into how LeBron James and Anthony Davis will perform together in a regular-season game.


Q: How tall is Dwight Howard now?
A: Dwight Howard’s height has been adjusted to 6’9 3/4″ according to the NBA’s new height regulations.

Q: Is Anthony Davis close to being a seven-footer?
A: No, Anthony Davis falls about three inches short of being a seven-footer, despite being previously listed at 6’11”.

Q: How have the Lakers performed in preseason games?
A: The Lakers have a 3-2 record in the preseason, with all three wins coming against the Golden State Warriors.


The NBA’s focus on accurate height reporting has revealed some surprises, including the adjustments made to the heights of Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis. However, these changes do not significantly impact their skills or the Lakers’ overall competitiveness. As the preseason comes to an end, the Lakers’ final game against the Warriors will serve as a test for their potential performance in the upcoming regular season. Stay updated with more insightful content on Top Q&A.

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