How Old Was Elvis Presley When He Met Priscilla

how old was elvis presley when he met priscilla
how old was elvis presley when he met priscilla

Priscilla Presley has recently shared some insights into her relationship with Elvis Presley, shedding light on their first meeting and the early days of their connection. Despite a 10-year age gap, Priscilla believes that Elvis was initially attracted to her because she listened to him. Let’s delve into the story of how Elvis and Priscilla first crossed paths.

A Memorable Encounter in Germany

Elvis Presley was serving in the military when he met Priscilla. It happened at a party in Germany, where Priscilla was just 14 years old. Although some might find it surprising, Priscilla clarifies that their relationship at that time was not sexual. Instead, Elvis was drawn to her because she was an avid listener. He found solace in pouring his heart out to her, especially during a period of loneliness following the loss of his mother.

Elvis Presley

Shared Moments and Growing Connection

As they spent more time together, Elvis and Priscilla developed a deep bond. Contrary to what some might assume about their relationship, Priscilla emphasizes that Elvis cared for her in many ways. He would accompany her on shopping trips, offering his opinions on her outfits and hairstyles. In the context of the 1960s, when men’s preferences often held more weight, Priscilla appreciated his involvement and guidance.

Unveiling a Vulnerable Side

Priscilla reveals a lesser-known aspect of Elvis’s personality—his vulnerability. Despite his charismatic stage presence, Elvis harbored insecurities about his performances. He would fret over whether he had delivered a successful show and sought reassurance from those around him. Priscilla highlights how surprising this may be, considering his legendary status as the “King of Rock and Roll.”

A Glimpse into Their Life at Graceland

Priscilla also reminisces about their time at Graceland, the iconic Memphis estate that Elvis called home. She shares fond memories of their Christmases together, vividly recalling the joy they experienced while decorating the tree. Priscilla’s affectionate recollections reflect a unique bond and a sense of happiness that still resonates with her to this day.


Q: How old was Elvis Presley when he met Priscilla?

A: Elvis was 24 years old when he first crossed paths with Priscilla, who was just 14 years old at the time.

Q: Did Elvis and Priscilla have a sexual relationship when they first met?

A: No, their relationship during that period was not sexual. Elvis was drawn to Priscilla because she provided a listening ear and companionship during a lonely time.

Q: Was Priscilla involved in the management of Graceland after Elvis’s passing?

A: Yes, Priscilla has played a significant role in preserving and managing Graceland over the years, ensuring that it stays within the family.


The story of Elvis Presley’s first encounter with Priscilla is a testament to their unique connection and the deep bond they shared. Despite the 10-year age gap, Priscilla’s ability to listen and offer comfort drew Elvis to her. Their relationship shaped both of their lives and left an indelible mark on the legendary musician’s legacy. To learn more about Elvis Presley’s compelling life and career, visit Top Q&A for further insights and engaging content.

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