How Old Is Bernie Sanders?

how old is bernie sanders
how old is bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders, the leading Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential candidate, continues to generate interest and raise questions about his age. Sanders, 78, underwent heart surgery recently but insists that he feels better than ever. However, voters, especially older ones, remain skeptical. In this article, we will explore the concerns surrounding Sanders’ age and the impact it may have on his campaign.

The Age Factor in the Presidential Race

Both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, 76, downplay the significance of their age in the race for the presidency. However, polling suggests that many Americans believe a candidate in their late 70s is too old for office. If elected, Sanders would surpass the average U.S. life expectancy. Similarly, Biden would come close to crossing that threshold. Even Elizabeth Warren, at 70, would be the oldest new president in history.

Addressing Health Concerns

While Biden has often dismissed questions about his age, Sanders has been more direct in confronting the issue. He has made changes to his campaign routine to ensure his well-being, including taking daily walks, following a healthier diet, and reducing stress. Sanders emphasizes that his long-standing support for progressive policies is ingrained in his character and not just a campaign strategy.

Voters’ Opinions

Opinions among voters vary, reflecting both support and concern. Some older voters can relate and sympathize with the challenges of aging, while others worry about the candidates’ ability to handle the demands of the presidency. It is clear that age is a considerable factor for many voters, especially those in the early primary states.


What is Bernie Sanders’ current age?

Bernie Sanders is 78 years old, making him one of the oldest candidates in the 2020 presidential race.

How has Sanders addressed concerns about his age?

Sanders has made adjustments to his campaign routine to prioritize his health and well-being. He has emphasized his long record of supporting progressive policies, which he believes demonstrates his commitment and experience.

Are voters concerned about Joe Biden’s age as well?

Yes, similar concerns have been raised about Joe Biden’s age, who is 76 years old. However, Biden has not faced as much scrutiny as Sanders, despite occasional gaffes on the campaign trail.


As Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden continue their campaigns, the issue of age remains a topic of discussion. While some voters appreciate the candidates’ experience and wisdom, others worry about their physical capabilities and mental sharpness. As the campaign progresses, voters will ultimately decide whether age should be a determining factor in their choice for the next president.

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